Why Should I Check Out Swinging As A Lifestyle?

Over the years many people have come to me asking questions about the swing lifestyle. Even though there are books out there they are a decade or so old. So the information is way out of date and so many things have changed. Once I decided to start a site dedicated to the swinging lifestyle, I knew it had to be something that would cover everything, from the start of your adventure all the way into a true lifestyle.

This site isn’t just for “newbies” it’s also for the experienced swinger, and it isn’t just my advice. You’ll find advice, comments and testimonies from many of the life styler’s who have made my journey worth writing about. You’ll find real advice and real experiences from real swingers, and couples who have been through the ups and downs of swinging and have figured out what it takes to make swinging work for them, and from the ones who have decided that it wasn’t for them.

When I first got into swinging it was easy because it was just threesomes. But once we decided to go to a club I got nervous. Was I too old? I was almost 40! Am I attractive enough? Am I over weight? What am I going to talk about? How do I get things going? OMG!! Am I good in bed????

What I found out was… It really didn’t matter.

On this site I hope you will find the answers you’re looking for. The first step of your journey is understanding where you stand on the lifestyle. I have 11 questions that you and your partner should discuss before enter into the fun and exciting lifestyle of swinging.

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