Why Overweight Is No Problem For Swinging!

I was over surfing the forums at Swingersboard.com and came upon a topic that I see mentioned relatively frequently on forums and other discussion platforms.  The topic of being overweight and swinging, and the compatibility of the two.  I firmly believe they are as compatible as “Bread and Butter”.

One of the great things about swinging, is it is all inclusive by nature.  Collectively as a whole we in the lifestyle community have attractions that fit the entire spectrum of people, and thus include (usually with open arms) everyone that makes up that spectrum.

The first question that comes to my mind, when I hear this topic is raised is, “Does the couple find each other attractive?”  If they do, why would they not expect others to feel the same way.   In my life I have been with women of many different sizes, and I can tell you the size of my smile in no way correlated to the size of their waistline.  There is so much more that goes into the physics of attraction, other than initial looks.

To be honest one of our worst experiences we have had since entering the lifestyle was with one of the “hottest” couples we have met.  The woman was a model type, very sexy, and she knew it.  She made no attempt to connect with me in any way, but rather yelled directions, had an orgasm or two, and was ready to clean up.  Unfortunately, I am a very passionate person and do not enjoy being just a ”boner donor”.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a man so I still chalked this up as a good time.  But, I don’t see us getting together with that couple again when there are so many fun and beautiful couples out there.

Personality is the name of the game in this business!  You can be the most beautiful person in the world, but if your lifeless and boring, it is going to make for a pretty awkward evening.  Apologies to all you necrophiliacs out there!!!

I am quite a few pounds above “college weight” myself, but I think I am a lot of fun to be around.

That, and the fact I am married to an absolute HOTTIE, serves me and Mrs. SwingWifes pretty well.

Of course there are reality checks that we all must make.  I have a huge crush on Claire Danes, I firmly believe she is the second most attractive woman in the world. (a close runner up to Mrs. SwingWifes).  But, if I had to weigh my odds of her finding me attractive, and furthermore attractive enough to sleep with?   …..some number really low comes to mind.  Don’t get wrong, I would sure give it the “old college try” and hit on her if I saw her at the bar; but I would do so with realistic expectations of what my chances are.

So if you are uncomfortable with your weight, but you are wanting to get into the lifestyle, what is my advice?  My advice is to get comfortable with your weight.  Not by trying to drop the sixty pounds you have been trying to get rid of for ten years, but by being comfortable with yourself.  Then with the absolute love, acceptance, attraction, admiration, and lust of your spouse, venture out together mingling with people you are comfortable with.  You may just find at the end of the day, you are quite a bit “hotter” than you give yourself credit for!!!

With all the above being said, and you knowing the fact I think you are hot just like you are, I do want to shift topic just a bit.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on The “Swingers” Weight Loss Plan, which focused on how the entrance into the lifestyle has been such a huge motivational tool for Mrs. SwingWifes and I to use to focus on getting ourselves into better shape.  I am going to be taking that post quite a bit further with another post here in a couple of days.  This article is going to concentrate on using this motivation, grouped with a New Years Resolution, and our motivation to get in shape for a trip to Swingfest in July to inspire Mrs. SwingWifes and I to get in the best shape of our “post high school” lives!

We are going to be asking you make your resolution with us.  One of the best ways to maintain motivation, besides getting naked regularly with other people, is to set up some accountability partners.  We are going to try and provide that for you here on TheSwingWife.com, and in turn let you provide some accountability for us.

So your homework is to:

  • Get and accurate weight of yourself (No we are not going to make anyone tell us their weight or other personal information)
  • Perform measurements of your abdomen, your arms, and your thighs
  • Decide what realistic goal you want to set for yourself
  • Take a picture of yourself in a revealing outfit  (This is not for us, but for the new you down the road)

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