Who Are Swingers And Why Do They Swing?

Why do people become swingers? Probably the first question every vanilla person ask when they meet a swinger. For the newbies who do not know what “Vanilla” means. “Vanilla” is the term swingers use to describe their non-lifestyle friends. The thing most people try to understand is, if you are in a relationship with someone whom you truly love, and you are satisfied on all levels, why do you need to seek sexual pleasures outside of the relationship? I use the word satisfied purposely, because being “Satisfied” is also another way of saying, “I have settled for what I have and I am choosing to deny the fact that there may be something more out there left for me to gain or experience.” That is typically the mindset couples adopt when they find a partner and get into a relationship. Swingers on the other hand see being with a partner as the beginning of a new world of experience and adventure, that you get to share with the person you love the most. By being “Open” it opens up your relationship to endless heights of sustained pleasure.

Swinger, or vanilla, we can all agree that monogamy is a trained behavior. It is the nature of all animals to be sexually attracted to the opposite sex, instinctively, and whether you are single or married, those instincts are still there. So if we were to look at what is most natural, swinging would seem more natural that being in a monogamous relationship. Even still, swinging is not for everyone. While it may work for some couples, for others it could turn out to be a bad experience, so it takes a special type of couple to live and enjoy and open relationship. So who exactly are these special people and why do they swing?

Two Partners With Very High Sexual Appetites

What you will find a lot of in the lifestyle is couples with two partners who both possess way above-average sex drives. When two people like this get together, a high sexual energy for sex is generated between them, and they tend to naturally be open to exploring different things to satisfy their appetite for sex. These couples tend to thrive in the swinging lifestyle as they enjoy the act of sex and understand that it’s just that and nothing else. These couples are rare, and most of them are probably in the swinging lifestyle.

A Couple With A Bi-Sexual Partner

Sometimes two people fall in love and get into a relationship, and one of the partners is naturally attracted to both sexes. This is quite common in the lifestyle community in the case of the females. In these situations what tend s to happen, is that couple starts to explore in the idea of having threesomes, and overtime, these threesomes evolve into a swinging situation with another couple.

Couples Who Have Been Together For A Long Time

It’s very natural and normal for relationships to loose its steam after several years of being married. After the first 5 to 7 years of a relationship, the initial excitement and sexual energy that was there at the start, has significantly decreased, and couples find themselves having sex together as a necessity to keep the relationship going, rather than an act or pure pleasure. Couples, who understand this reality, are open to seeking ways to add excitement and adventure back into their relationship. This is when they start trying new things such as; watching porn together, trying a threesome, some dirty talk or bondage play, going to a nude resort or exploring the swinging lifestyle.

Those who are having a successful experience with the swinging lifestyle understand that there is no relationship between love and sex. To swingers, sex is a social or recreational activity that’s shared amongst friends and with their partners, and love is a bond that’s way more sophisticated and complicated, that cannot be broken or created in just 45 minutes of hormonal exchange in the bed. To become swingers it takes a high level of trust and security in your partner and your relationship. Swinging couples also tend to be very unselfish sexually and they enjoy their partner’s pleasure as much as they enjoy pleasure for themselves. While most couples will never explore swinging or have no desire to, there are those couples who enjoy having that alternative and it has worked amazingly for their relationship.

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