What’s The Big Deal About Big Penises?

Even though it’s often said, “Size does not matter” the truth is, most women prefer a larger penis.

First of all what is the definition of “big” that most women refer to. A large number of women refer to “big” as being above seven inches long and five inches in girth. Big dicks have become quite the novelty in the swinging community, to the point now where it is almost as in demand as a single female Unicorn.

While most couples end up in the swinging lifestyle out of a mutual desire to expand their sexual boundaries and add some adventure to their marriage, it is also true that a few couples have taken to swinging as a way of solving sexual frustrations with each other. A lot of these frustrations normally include, premature ejaculation, impotence and most of all, a small penis. Instead of ending their relationship due to these reasons, some couples are willing to open up their relationship to satisfy their sexual needs. There are several unselfish male partners that acknowledge that they have these problems and know they are unable to completely satisfy their partner sexually, so they grant the permission to their wife of girlfriend to have casual sex with other men. For this reason, the cuckold fetish has become more and more prevalent. You can check out this article to learn more about cuckolding.


So why do women generally prefer a larger penis?

One of the reasons that women tend to prefer a bigger size is that a bigger penis is capable of physically stimulating the sexual pleasure centers which are located both around the walls of the vagina and deep in the vagina. Although you could assist your lover in achieving orgasms by stimulating her clitoris, such orgasms are short-lived when compared to orgasms achieved by the combination of deep penetration of the vagina and stimulation of her clitoris due to the thickness of a “bigger sex organ”. Such orgasms are much more explosive and longer lasting.


Another reason why a woman would tend to love a big penis is that it excites her and makes her much more open to orgasms. The sight of a large penis makes many women go into overdrive. In simple words a large penis makes a lot of women sexually excited before foreplay even begins. This situation makes it much easier for such women to achieve multiple orgasms since their bodies are in a more receptive state of anticipating penetration by their large sized lovers.

It was discovered from anonymous surveys carried out, that 85% of women wish their partners had a bigger penis. Most of these women also admitted that they would never share this information with their partner, as it would ruin their relationship. Though some couples work together and find other ways of pleasing each other that does not include or rely solely on penetration, it cannot be denied that most women make tremendous sexual sacrifices, to maintain their monogamous relationship.


For the couples that have been willing to explore the swinging lifestyle, they get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The women get to find sexual pleasure and fulfillment from men that are more endowed than their partner, but still get to be in a romantic relationship with the love of their life. The male partners in the swinging lifestyle also finds great pleasure in their wife being satisfied sexually, whether it’s by them or some one else. While the anti-swinging community may believe the opposite, this is one of the reasons why swinger couples are generally happier than couples in monogamous relationships.

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