What We Learned From Our First Time At A Swingers Club

Going to a swingers club for the first time might sound like an intimidating experience, but we really enjoyed it.

My wife and I have been active in the swing lifestyle for awhile, but we had only gone on dates and/or had relationships with other couples; we had never gone to a swingers club. We had heard that there was a swingers club in our city, and we had checked out the website, but we had never gotten around to actually going to the club.

Here are a few of our impressions of our local swingers club (can’t share the name – we have to protect the secrecy of the club!)

Comfortable atmosphere.

The swingers club was very much like a regular bar. There was a dance floor (although this dance floor had a stripper pole), a pool table, and multiple areas for people to sit and socialize. The only difference was, this was a swingers club, so all of the patrons were active in the swing lifestyle.

It felt really great to be somewhere where we could totally be ourselves – we could check out other women, flirt, and even make out with another couple (which we did, repeatedly). I got to walk around holding hands with two women at once, and no one batted an eye.

Nice people everywhere.

It was really refreshing to spend some time talking with other people in the lifestyle. The women compared outfits (ranging from “jacket, skirt and tights” to “5-inch heels with no panties”) and the men complimented each other on their sexy wives. Lots of people might think that a swingers club is sleazy, but it was a laid-back atmosphere with no pressure. During our regular lives, we all have to live in “the closet,” to some extent. We have friends that we can talk to about being swingers, but for the most part, it’s our own little secret. It’s fun to just be able to exhale and let our guard down a little, and know that everyone understands this one thing we have in common, and that there is no judgment.

It was our first time at the swingers club, and multiple staff and customers mentioned to us that there were plenty of people around to stop any trouble before it starts – “in case anyone touches you or won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, just tell us and we’ll take care of it.” The swingers club went to great lengths to try to make everyone feel comfortable, especially the women, of course.

Sexy times!

This swingers club was officially an “off premises” swingers club, meaning there is no nudity allowed in the club. However, we heard that once the doors get locked at 11 p.m., things tended to get a little crazy. We didn’t get to stay late enough for all of the fun to start, but at one point my wife and I were making out with another woman and her husband, fondling her breasts and running our hands along the insides of her thighs, and no one stopped us

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