What Makes Lifestyle Vacations Special….

This blog is in response to the article I posted entitled “Are Lifestyle Resorts Overpriced.” Many of you said YES, which is OK as you are entitled to your opinion. However, when you finish reading this blog, I hope it will help you see the true value of what is included in a Lifestyle Vacation Event, and you will understand why these Resorts, Cruises or Events are NOT OVER-PRICED! Those who said YES, I will assume that is because you have never been to a well-organized Lifetyle Vacation Event, or you have never been on a lifesytle vacation PERIOD. Those who take annual lifestyle vacations, they will tell you that it is not even comparable when you consider the experience that you get out of going to a Lifestyle Resort or on a Cruise.


Finding A Suitable Venue

It takes something more than just a cash deposit or leasing any piece of beach front property, to secure a venue that is; accepting, discrete, and at the same time, of a high enough quality worthy of hosting a sexy, upscale event or holiday. As much as we would want it to be true, the world is not as open-minded as we think.  To be able to totally escape from the regular world and be in a one hundred percent “JUDGEMENT-FREE” environment where you can completely be yourself, to me, is invaluable. No kids, No boss, No neighbor, NO CLOTHES, NO JUDGEMENT. Lifestyle Resort Owners and Promoters understand that true freedom means, providing the ideal clothing optional venue for you to not only do the things that you want to do, but also enjoy the type of luxury and entertainment that is available to the rest of the world.

Almost every single lifestyle promoter or owner I know is a part of the community and to them, it is more than just a business, it is their “LIFESTYLE” as well. That is why they go through the things they do, to make sure the community has venues that we can be proud of.



As a customer attending a lifestyle holiday, you have certain expectations of this holiday that you would not have, had you booked a vacation to the RIU. You expect; nighty themed parties, daytime activities and entertainment that makes interaction that much easier, special classes and seminars that offers education and conversation on different topics related to your interests, you expect after party playrooms, special erotic and exotic entertainment and a host of other events that are not provided at other hotels. Lifestyle couples love to party and lifestyle industry experts have to prepare venues that are conducive to a unique, and open-minded party atmosphere.

Due to this, Industry owners such as; AVP, Couples Cruise, resorts like Hedonism and Desire Resorts, spend more money and time in putting together itineraries and amenities that will make lifestyle vacations meet or go beyond your expectations. From organizing and paying for professional entertainers, to setting up sexy playrooms, and organizing prizes for every activity and theme night. Every lifestyle vacation has to be an EVENT in order to fulfill these expectations.


Hosting Nightly Parties Are Ridiculously expensive…

I am not saying people at Sandals don’t drink, I am not saying people at Secrets don’t use towels, I am not saying people at Breezes don’t make a mess, but, if you have ever been to a lifestyle party, whether on a Couples Cruise, to Hedonism, Desire or your local night club, you will know exactly what I mean when I say the logistics are a little bit higher when it comes to hosting a lifestyle event.

The number of towels hotels and cruises go through, the amount of alcohol that is consumed because people never sleep, the 4:00am munchies, the cleaning up, all of this adds extra cost to hosting a lifestyle party.  We love to party, and these are important logistics for your enjoyment ;)



Over and Above….

On top of everything else, there is just a sense of family and community that is present at every single lifestyle event, as weird as that may sound. People are way nicer, way more loving and that makes them so much more beautiful. The service is so personal and you feel like you a truly a part of what is happening. It is very typical to see Bob from Couples Cruise, Ladyee from AVP, Harry and Jon from Hedo, walking around getting to know everyone present at the event, and normally before you leave, you have become personal friends with the owners and/or promoters of any lifestyle event. Most of you, though you may have been a couple times, don’t even know the name of the bar manager at Sandals or the Riu, much more the owner. Most of you, when booking your regular vanilla vacation, speak to a random travel agent on the phone, that you will never ever meet in your entire lifetime.  Your lifestyle promoters are very visible, available and involved, and that to me is worth more than money can buy. You cannot put a price on the relationships.

If you need help organizing your lifestyle vacation, we can help you find rooms and cabins that fit your budget. We know all these Cruises and Resorts inside out and we enjoy helping our clients create their fantasy vacation.

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