What Is Swinging?

Swinging, or what was originally known as “wife swapping” is a non-monogamous behavior, in which both partners agree to engage in casual sexual activities with other couples or singles outside of the marriage, for social and or leisure purposes. These activities are normally arranged at the homes of the individuals involved, hotels, or at private membership clubs, known as “swinger clubs.”

The swinging phenomenon and the way it is perceived, is believed to have evolved from the upsurge in sexual activity during the 1960s, made possible by the discovery of birth control pills and the prevalence of safer sex practices during the same time-frame.

As this behavior evolved through the years, the term wife-swapping is now very seldom used, even frowned upon by some couples, as it does not accurately describe the range of activities that couples involved in swinging or what is now more widely known as “the lifestyle,” participates in. The term wife swapping came about due to the fact that it was the husbands who mainly initiated such arrangements, but modern times has changed such beliefs, as the females are just as forward in the community as the males.



There is no one answer for that question. Every couple has their reasons, and even in some relationships, both partners may have their individual reasons for wanting to “swing.” For most, it is a way to add adventure and spice to their relationships, as majority of swinging couples have been married for more than five years, for others it is more spontaneous and happens amongst friends during social gatherings, and for some it is a way to satisfy their enormous sexual appetite. Whatever the reason is, swinging works as long as there is an understanding between both partners.

Swinging couples believe that because of their lifestyle, the sex they enjoy together is way more exciting than that of the average monogamous couple. Studies show that sexual habituation leads to change in interaction between partners. After three to seven years into a relationship, it normally requires extra stimulation, to get your partner fully aroused, something that before would happen just by a simple glance or touch. A couple that is receptive to new and different sexual experience will begin to explore different avenues of shared sexual fulfillment to continue to grow together. Couples, who find ways to reconnect physically, are more likely to have success in the swinging lifestyle in a social way.

Swinging provides a way for couples to share and live out their fantasies, without deception or betrayal.

Being a swinger normally opens up the doors of communication like never before, and this often results in swinging couples having very strong and healthy relationships. Yes jealously may occur, but a strong couple can work their way through those insecurities, and the end result is normally complete fulfillment.

No one thing is meant for everyone, and swinging may not be for you. Whether it will help your relationship or not, normally comes down to what the situation in your existing relationship is. If you are having marital issues, I wouldn’t recommend trying swinging as a way to fix things. Couples who enjoy great success in “the lifestyle,” are couples that have strong communication, and are genuinely interested in the satisfaction of their partner and not just themselves. It is also not recommended to force the issue on your partner if they are not interested, however if you do have the desire to explore swinging, communicate it with your partner and share your reason why. You may never know what will happen.


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