We Asked 10 Couples What Being Swingers Have Done For Their Relationship

These 10 couples were kind enough to share what swinging means to them and how it impacts their relationship. Here is what they had to say:


“We have been married for 10 years and we have been in the swinging lifestyle for three of those years. Swinging has helped us discover so many things about each other sexually. One of the best parts about having sex with different people is that each person brings something different and you find out that you enjoy things that you didn’t even know you would enjoy. Our sex life has never been better.”


“Trust! We trust each other so much more. To allow our marriage to be that vulnerable, and to still find our self in each other’s arms, not many couples can survive that. That is why swinging is not for everyone. It takes two people who love and trust each other very much to survive the lifestyle.”


“For us, it’s all about having fun. We know a lot of vanilla couples who are friends of our and they just seem so bored. Bored with each other, bored with their marriage. It’s depressing watching them just go through the motion. We have fun. It keeps us youthful and being married is way easier when you can have fun together.”


“I don’t think either of us wanted to be in a monogamous relationship. We love each other, we are best friends, and we enjoy each other company more than anyone else. However, sexually, we are both very adventurous and the being in the lifestyle was a way for us to be together and not have to suppress our desires to be sexual with other people. It works for us.”


“We have amazing communication. The lifestyle has taught us to be so open and honest with each other, how to properly resolve conflicts and work through issues in our marriage. We feel so invincible. There are no secrets. We feel that there is nothing in this world that can come between us.”


“Just knowing that we can facilitate each others fantasies, knowing we can have so many different experiences together, our relationship couldn’t feel more complete.”


“We have made the best of friends in the lifestyle. It’s so different from hanging out with your vanilla friends because there are no negative conversations about bad husband and bad wives. When we hang out with our lifestyle friends we have fun. It’s not just about the sex either.” “Most times we don’t even hook-up with anyone else, but just being in the environment, being around open-minded people. So refreshing.


“We are both very sexual people. We love sex. It is great that there was an alternative so neither of us had to suppress those feelings or cheat like most regular couples do. We can act on our desires and at the end of the night, we still have each other. We understand that love and sex are two separate things. The love we share is untouched by our activities in the swinging community.”


“We have been together since high school. Married almost 20 years.” We did not try to live in denial like most other couples. We are both human beings and there are desires. People get bored. We did not allow boredom to take over our marriage and push us away from each other. We decided to explore together and it has worked out very well for us.”


“We love each other very much.” When you love someone you want to see them happy and you want to give them what they want. Being in the lifestyle is the most selfless thing we have ever done for our relationship. We get great pleasure out of each other getting pleasured, whether by us or someone else.” “People would want to look down on us because we are swingers but at least we are honest. As long as she is happy and I am happy then that is the only thing that matters”


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