Unexpectedly Cuckolded

This is a true story about my first experience having a threesome, or more like a cuckold experience. I was about 27 years old living with my girlfriend Raquel at the time, who was 23. We had only been dating fro six months, and decided to move in together after the first three months of dating.

Initially when Raquel and I met, we were just having fun and did not want to take the relationship very seriously as neither of us believed we were ready to settle down. But we enjoyed each other’s company so we ended up spending a lot of time together and then we surprisingly agreed to move in together.

One Saturday we decided to invite some friends over for just a small get together at our apartment.

We invited about 12 people. Raquel decided to invite one of her old boyfriends over. At first this made me feel very awkward but our relationship was very new so I didn’t want to sound like the jealous insecure type so I did my best to make it not seem like a big deal.

We got everything ready for our evening with friends, and by 7:00pm everyone started showing up. Matt, Raquel’s ex-boyfriend was the last to enter. I must admit his presence made me a little bit nervous. Good looking guy, 6 feet tall, blonde hair and nicely built. Raquel went over to greet him and immediately introduced us to each other.

The evening went on and everyone got along well, drinking and laughing and sharing stories from college. As the night got later some of our friends started to leave. Before long the only people left were Matt, Raquel and Myself. The three of were having great laughs so we continue drinking and chatting as if no one had left.

By now Raquel was noticeably drunk, sitting on top of the kitchen while us guys sat on the stools next to her. She suddenly said, “I have a confession to make.” These words made me very nervous and I am pretty sure the nervous smirk on my face made it obvious. My heart had stop beating when I said “what is it Raquel?” “Please share.” She looked at both of us with a suspicious but sexy grin on her face, “ever since college,” she started “It has always been my fantasy to be fucked by two guys at the same time.” I was in too much shock to respond so I just kept on drinking. Matt encouraged her to continue sharing and so she did. She gave us all the details of her little fantasy, expressing how much the idea of pleasing two cocks at the same time, one with her mouth and one with pussy, makes her extremely aroused.

The more she went on the more my nervousness turned to arousal.

By now my cock was rock hard and as she paused to stare at me, I am sure for some sort of approval to her fantasy, I was left speechless. In some way I was nervous and threatened by the idea of Matt and her fucking, especially given their history, but my cock was saying something else. Raquel leaned over and gave me a deep passionate kiss in the middle of her silence. She then turned around and did the same thing to Matt. Somehow this seemed better than the two of them fucking behind my back so I went along with it. Before long Matt had Raquel lying down on the kitchen counter, he removed her underwear and started working his tongue up her thighs, all the way to what I am sure was an already wet and excited pussy. She pulled me towards her breast and I started sucking on here nipples. She was so turned on that it made me horny beyond belief. We moved from the Kitchen to the living room, us guys both sat on the couch and Raquel kneeled before us to undo our pants. She sucked both our cocks for about 15 minutes and I am pretty sure she orgasmed about 3 times while this was happening.

Matt then got up and went behind her, rolled a condom on and started fucking her from behind. He was fucking her so hard, that she was barely able to continue sucking my cock. I never would of thought that watching another guy fuck my girl would have me so excited. As he continued to pound her and as she moaned and stroke my cock, it was not too long before the excitement got the better of me and I blew my load all over her face. Matt was to follow soon after and he grunted really loudly as he released his load in her pussy.

That night we recovered and fucked several time before we were all too tired to go anymore so we passed out on the floor of the living room. I have heard of cuckolding before and I always thought what kind of guy would allow something like that. In one night, I became one of those guys and I am here admitting that I enjoyed the experience. Matt left that morning and we continued to be friends but there was no repeat of the experience amongst us three. Raquel and I however have tried other fantasies and our sex life has been amazing since.

Getting cuckolded was not so bad after all.

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