Top Five Things That Make A Perfect Swingers Vacation

swinger’s vacation is not like your typical all inclusive beach holiday. Even though Swingers enjoy the fancy cocktails, expensive massages, luxurious rooms and expensive wine; those are not the first things on the list of priority when swingers are looking for a destination to enjoy a swinger’s vacation.

Due to the kind of activities that swingers like to participate in, most regular stuck-up hotel chains are not open-minded enough to allow swingers to vacation at their resort, and do swinger type activities. What are Swinger type activities? Well those are the same activities that make up the ideal Swingers Vacation. After hosting lifestyle vacation events for over six years, we have come up with a list of the top five things that makes the Perfect Swingers Vacation.


Wild Party Atmosphere

The atmosphere is everything when it comes to getting a very good swingers party started, whether on vacation or at a clothing optional all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. Having the ideal Swingers Vacation experience starts with being able to easily meet and interact with other couples and for some reason; great music and alcohol makes that so much easier. Swingers like to have fun like teenagers do, that is why the average swinger couple looks younger and sexier than the average vanilla couple around the same age.

The women are the engines for a great swingers party. When the music is great, the alcohol is flowing and the ladies are feeling frisky, you’re in for a very special experience. Swinger’s events are all about being naughty, sexy and playful. A great party atmosphere makes all the above easier, that is why it is first on your list of Top Five Things That Makes A Perfect Swingers Vacation.


Clothing Optional


This word was made just for Swingers on Vacation. Not all swingers are nudist, but like the word says “CLOTHING OPTIONAL,” most swingers like the option of loosing clothes wherever the mood takes them and they feel like being a little naughty. Resorts that are clothing optional make the perfect venue for swingers to have truly liberating vacation experience. Being a swinger is about total freedom and open-ness. Not having to wear clothes when you feel like it with out being judged is what we call true freedom. That is why when swingers are planning their vacation; they start at adult’s only clothing optional resorts.



When there is sexy naked woman, when the party is pumping and the alcohol is free, wild things are bound to happen. This is the typical tone of every swinger’s vacation. Girls start making out, body shots are being done on the bar, and every now and again, depending on the venue, the sexual activities may end up going all the way. Not every swinger friendly resort allows PDA ( public displays of affection ) , but the parties are way better at the ones that do. Nothing is sexier that two total strangers making out at the hot tub without even so much as knowing each other names. The spontaneity of sex by the pool or in the hot tub or on the beach at four in the afternoon, is so sexy, it’s the entire sexual enhancement supplement you need to last you the entire vacation. Forget Viagra!

Not all swingers are exhibitionist. Some prefer to handle their business behind close doors and that is one hundred percent ok. However, if I have learnt anything over the past nine years of being around swingers on Vacation, it is that, everyone becomes an exhibitionist when the party is pumping and there is more tequila than blood in your system. Being able to have public displays of affection helps create the most stimulating atmosphere and it definitely creates the most stories to go back home and share. That is why it is on the list of “Things that makes the ideal swingers vacation.”





For some reason, everything else in this crazy world seems to be O.K. and publicly accepted, but two married adults having consensual fun within the rules that govern THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP, two adults choosing to be open to the idea of each other enjoying sexual pleasures with other people, for some reason is still frowned upon even though you can get caught cheating on your partner and still keep your government.

Regardless, swingers find a way to turn the idea of having to be discrete, into a thrill factor. The idea of sneaking around to be naughty, brings you back to those lovely “Teenage Love Affair” days, where you would have to climb through the window to go make out with your girlfriend under a tree in your backyard when mom and dad is sleeping. Swingers have the most fun on vacation because they have snuck away from the rest of the world and they are being naughty on a beautiful tropical island and none of their friends and family knows what the hell they are up to. The idea of wanting what we should not be having, makes it that more desirable. That is why being on an island at a resort far away from home, provides the ultimate discrete swingers vacation experience.


A Sexy Environment 

I do not know about you, but it is hard for me to be horny in an environment that feels dirty and unsexy. When swingers are on vacation, they want to feel sexy in the surroundings that they are in. Getting in the mood to have fun and being naughty is so much easier when you feel sexy in the space that you’re in.

Swingers like sexy playrooms with clean and luxurious beds, great pools and hot-tubs, big bathrooms in their room for group showers, big comfy bed’s that can safely fit more than two people and of course, and lastly a great relaxing ambience when they want to chill out and recover from partying too hard the night before.

Swingers are willing to compromise a little bit on the luxury aspect of the resort, if all the first four things are great. But if a resort can offer all the first four things and provide four star or higher accommodations and amenities, that resort becomes the most ideal venue for a swinger’s vacation.


So the next time you are planning your fantasy vacation, make sure you do your research on which hotel is going to provide the best of these five things for you. You work hard all year to get away for a week or two, you want to make sure you have the best possible swinger vacation experience within your limited holiday time off.  Let your Lifestyle Travel Expert help you put together the most suitable destination for your swinger’s vacation.


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