Three Is Company- A Look At The Single Female In Poly Relationships

What is the difference between unicorn triad and a poly-fi triad?

A lot.

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we’re talking the same “poly language”. In the polyamory community, a unicorn is considered by many as a negative term. Though it is the term usually used to describe the single woman in a poly relationship, the HBB (the hot, bi babe). There are male versions of the unicorn Who Can face the same Challenges. For the sake of this article, we will focus on the female version of the unicorn. Such a woman would love both the man and woman in a pre-existing dyad Equally and would be sexual With Both of them. She would not want any other partners except them and would be willing to change her life in order to be with them. It’s understood that if things do not work out That She will willingly leave with no issues. There are others points to it, but this covers major aspects.

In the poly community, unicorn hunters are considered to be couples (dyads) that are looking for the HBB. They tend to be new poly couples (not always but usually we). Such dyads That May Have specific rules allow them to end the poly relationship, send the unicorn away, and stay together.

A “unicorn triad” is a triad Consisting of a dyad and a third partner (the unicorn). The unicorn will be the girlfriend to the couple. The couple is usually we considered a primary relationship, while the girlfriend will be a secondary partner to both. If the girlfriend has any other partners, she would be expected to end those relationships in behalf of the unicorn triad. She is not allowed to do anything with one member of the triad, Always With both. The dyad, on the other hand, is allowed to date each other without the girlfriend. If the U-Triad does not work, then a dyad will stay together, and the girlfriend will leave. Though the dyad May choose to Incorporate elements of the girlfriend’s life into the triad, it is not uncommon for the girlfriend to Incorporate more of the dyad’s life into her own. A unicorn triad is unequal and unfair Considered to the girlfriend in the poly community and Looked upon very Negatively.

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