The Top Five Sex Toys Used By Swingers

Along with excessive amounts condoms and lube, another thing you will find in abundance at a swingers event are sex toys. Couples in the lifestyle are always pushing the boundaries of sexual limitation, and that is evident in the type of sex toys most swinger couples have stored in their secret bedroom drawer or basement dungeon. While the vanilla world is still excited about the handcuff and blindfolds they read about in “50 Shades Of Grey,” swingers have long graduated to way more exciting gadgets. Here is the top five most popular sex toys found at swinger parties.


5. Hitachi Wand

The Hitachi Wand also known as the “Magic Wand” is the mother of all vibrators. Originally created by the 1960’s as a massager and a tool to release muscle
tension, however, the ladies have found better use for this tool. The device is over twelve inches long with a rubber head that is used by women for clitoral stimulation. It’s not uncommon to see the ladies using this toy to get each other off especially at private house parties.


4. Sex Swing

If you do not have one in your bedroom, get one now. Not sure how you will explain to the kids though. That’s for you to figure out. If you can’t have it at your home, you are almost certain to find one at your local swingers club. The sex swing is the ultimate tool if you are in the mood for some adventure and some hardcore fucking. There are a million and one positions you can get into on the swing and it comes with a manual that demonstrates most of these positions. Feel free to make up your own.



3. Double Ended Dildo

double-ended-dildo-35mm-pvc-bi-040018g-1-GallayGirl Girl play is very sexy, especially when it includes the ladies pleasuring themselves and each other with a double-sided dildo. There are a lot of bi-sexual females in the swinging lifestyle, and this is one of the many toys the ladies like to share with each other in the playroom.


2. Strap-On
A Strap-On Dildo is the number one toy for the more dominant females. They use it on their girlfriends, and some, even on their male partners (we are all open-minded here). It’s fun to watch a female in a dominant role and nothing provides that pleasure more than a girl using a strap-on dildo.


1. Sybian

No ordinary sex toy comes with a price tag of well over one thousand dollars. The sybian not only serves as a sex toy but also as an entertainment piece at many swinger events. Anything that can vibrate, rotate and thrust at the same time is bound to create a spectacle. With a base shaped like a saddle, the sybian comes with multiple attachments, to provide female pleasure in dozens of ways. Whether you are in the mood for double penetration, a 6 or 12-inch dildo, the sybian accommodates whatever you desire. This sex tool is controlled by a remote that you can operate for yourself, or if you wish to be more adventurous, you can give it to someone else and let him or her take control. When you are at a swinger’s party, you can normally tell which room has the sybian, not only by the heavy “Jack Hammer Like” vibrating sound, but also by the number of people crammed in that one room to enjoy the show. Many women have had mind-blowing experience on the sybian; others have tried it once and left it at that. Whatever the truth is, there is no doubt that the sybian is the most popular sex toy at swinger’s events.

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