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Calling all “swingers”!

We would really enjoy finding some other members of the lifestyle with a view like ours or totally different to become contributors to the site.  If you enjoy writing, and would enjoy sharing your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with anonymity in this format, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for people to give us all views of the lifestyle from couples, single males, to the elusive single female.  We don’t expect novels and of course would only want you to contribute as regular as suits you.  All we would expect, is that you be able to produce interesting and relevant posts that you are willing to have appear on our site.

There is no compensation, nor should you expect that there will ever be any.  This site is a free site with no current income source, and only if we are lucky will we hopefully be able to cover our expenses through the small Google ads, and any future advertisements.

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