Swinging…. The New Phenomenon

Swingers are leading the sexual revolution in this new generation, with more and more couples exploring the idea of non-monogamous relationships, essentially opting to add more adventure to their marriage.

If you do not believe this theory, just check mainstream TV and the film industry and you will notice that more and more TV shows and feature films are starting to push the boundaries of open relationships. We can make reference to the hit series on Netflix, House Of Cards and recent movies such as Wanderlust. In addition, some of the top rated TV series, such as Game Of Thrones, True Blood and others have heavy sexual content, further emphasizing how much more open we are in today’s generation. The real truth is, if more people would just be open to the education behind having an open relationship, then they would see that this is a very natural and normal way of being, and how it can really ignite your relationship, and help keep those hot flames ignited for a very long time.

Monogamy is a trained behavior, imposed upon us by society and religion.

Instinctively we are attracted to multiple people, and regardless of your relationship status, that does not change. However, society teaches us that those natural urges are wrong and should be therefore shut down. For those of us who wish to explore our sexuality in an environment where the desire is mutual, we should be allowed and encouraged to explore those freedoms. While having multiple sexual partners may not work for everyone, there are others who have proven that this can be a healthy option for couples in a relationship, with both partners having an above average sexual appetite. Younger couples are starting to realize that their desire for sex and adventure while being married or in a committed relationship does not have to be met by way of being deceitful. If you can find a partner that shares the same interest, you can live a life together filled with amazing sexual adventures, that you still get to share as a couple even though others are involved.

It’s not for everyone, but everyone should be allowed the option. And that is exactly where this new phenomenon is going. Regardless of what we will be calling it in five years from now, a large majority of new couples will start to explore the idea of being open to experiencing new adventures in their relationship.

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