Swinging For Newbies: How To Handle Your First Full Swap Situation

I have forgotten more than half of the couples or people we have hooked up with since being in the lifestyle. No offense to those we played with, but after a while, you no longer keep track, and lets be honest, not everyone will be memorable. The one experience you will never ever forget though is your very first time. Whether great, ok, or horrible, it will stay with you until you die.

You have spent several weeks going to the local swingers club, watching, flirting dancing, and then sneak out yet again, still too nervous about taking that next step. Suddenly you have finally met that couple, and now it’s time for you to take that very bold next step. Your first experience Full-Swapping can be the most amazing experience as well as it can turn out to be not so great. Your relationship will be tested, and the best way to ensure that you come out even stronger and more in-love than you were before, is to properly prepare for your first Full Swap experience with another couple. Here are a few guidelines that may help in your preparations process.


Make Sure You Are Both Ready

You come into the swinging lifestyle as a couple, and you make every decision as a couple. The first step to ensuring you have a great first experience is to make sure that both parties a ready and willing. There should be no sacrifices made, and you should only take that next step when you are both ready to so. If your partner is not ready, do not pressure him or her to do anything until the time is right for them.


Establish And Work Within Your Ground Rules

Before going into the playroom, make sure you and your partner are both clear on your boundaries, and most importantly play within those boundaries. For sure, things may happen spontaneously within the heat of the moment that was not communicated prior, and it might be ok as well as it might not. The safest thing to do is stick to the things that you both agreed upon and work within those boundaries.


Be Honest With Yourselves And The Other Couple

Honesty is of the utmost importance. When communicating your rules to your partner, make sure you are 100% honest about each of the things you ok with, and things that you are not. Also it’s very important to communicate these things with the other couple as well. Share your boundaries with them and be sure to ask them what their rules are. Being clear and honest upfront gives everyone involved an opportunity to opt out if they do not feel comfortable, before the situation goes any further and things get awkward.


Stay Sober

If you can’t do it sober, you definitely should not do it drunk. Besides, this could be one of your most amazing experiences you have ever had, don’t you want to remember it. There is too much that can go wrong when alcohol or drugs is making the decisions. Be fully alert and aware to ensure that you are conscious to everything that you are doing.


Look Out For Each other

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about your spouse. For some seasoned couples, that is ok because they have evolved to that level and have that understanding. For newbies, always stay connected to your partner, make sure he or she is comfortable and having a good time. Tell the other person what your partner may or may not like to help them do a better job of providing pleasure for your wife or husband.


Don’t Be Afraid To Stop

It’s very unlikely that you will not have a good time. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. If anything makes you uncomfortable, or you find things are not working out as you imagined it to be, do not be afraid to let your partner know that you would like to stop. Don’t just walk out and leave. Communicate with other couple to let them know what you are feeling, and kindly asked to be excused along with your partner. If I were to bet, I would say you will definitely have a great time, but if that is not the case, then do not feel pressured into continuing. There is always tomorrow.


Have Fun

It may be hard to relax at first, but once you are able to get comfortable, allow yourself to enjoy and have fun. As long as you and your partner have established your ground rules and you have communicated with the other couple, everything should go very well.


Your first full swap experience with another couple will definitely be the most memorable. By following the guidelines above, you can help to ensure that those memories are worth remembering.


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