Swinger’s Party Guide – The Role Of The Host

The swinging lifestyle revolves around swinger’s parties. Swinger couples spend their weekdays looking forward to the weekend when they get to go hangout with their regular group of friends at the local swinger’s club they frequent, or to check out a new hotel or house party happening in their area. At the center of every successful swinger’s party, is a great host. The hosts are responsible for the failure or success of the party, regardless of the size or magnitude of the party. A great host can turn a small part of 10 couples into an incredible experience for those couples.

So if you are planning to host a swinger’s party, what should your role as the host be? Here is a list of things expected of the perfect swingers’ party host.

Properly Promote Your Party

The first ingredient to having a successful party and being considered a good party host is being able to get people to show up at your party. A good swingers party host is active in swinger social communities and frequents other local swinger events, and is well known by other swingers locally. Being a good host means sharing your party details with as many people as you can, to ensure that your party is well attended. Whether it is on lifestyle dating sites, social media or wherever local groups gather online, ensure that your party is well attended by properly promoting it.

Show Up Early

There is nothing worse than the host of the party showing up well after everyone has arrived. This is considered very rude and you may not think it but others do notice. As the host, you need to be the first ones at the door, greeting every single person as they come in.

Be The Ultimate Matchmaker

Your ability to get other couples, to meet new couples will be the main thing that keeps people coming back to your parties. A good host quickly recognizes when two couples may be compatible and does a good job of making that initial introduction, without seeming like they are purposely trying to make a hook-up. This is especially important for newbies, who maybe shy at first and need a little extra help stepping out of their comfort zone and getting around to interacting with others.

Be The Party Starter

It’s normal for people to stand around at any party and watch what others are doing before they get involved in the action. As host, you need to be the one to get the party going. Be the first person on the dance floor and invite others with you, or the person to start the icebreaker games and get others fully involved, especially those who seem shy, or new.

Be A Social Butterfly

Too often you hear local swingers party hosts being accused of being “CLICKY. “ As host you are most likely very popular amongst a group of friends, who will most likely be at your party. While you are allowed to have fun as the host, your fun comes last. Don’t be known for the host that hangs out with the same group of people at the party every time, neglecting the enjoyment of others who made the choice to come and support your event. Be that social butterfly. Float around and ensure everyone is having a good time and that they have found a group of friends of their own to hang with for the night, before you take leave to cater to your own enjoyment and entertainment. Just so you do not get stuck with the ugly label of being “Clicky” from time to time, hangout with a new group of people and get to know them as well. This will only help to build your network, people will like you more and your parties will be even more successful.

Be The Guardian Angel

This might not sound like fun, but a party host should always be somewhat sober to ensure you are always on the lookout for the guests at your party. Typically there is no drama at swingers’ parties, but it does happen from time to time. Always lookout for any couple that maybe having a disagreement between them, and be quick to resolve this before it escalates into anything noticeable by others. It’s your job as host to find that overly aggressive single male or couple and ensure that they are escorted from the party. A great party is a party with no drama.

We find hosting parties one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. Not only have we gotten to meet and make friends with hundreds of amazing couples in the swinging lifestyle, but we have also helped couples have life changing experiences and those couples are having an amazing time as swingers today. If you are a person that likes to impact the lives of others in a positive way, being a good host that’s known in the community can give you that feeling. Take your roles as host seriously and play it very well.

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