Swingers: Mentally Healthier Than Monogamous Peers

One of the traits That Determines happiness and mental health is Flexibility: the capacity for creativity, abstract thinking, and Adapting to changing Circumstances. When it comes to the sex lives of swingers, there’s no question That They are more resilient In Their approach to sex than peers Their monogamous. But the real question is more complex: Toward Flexibility Is sex a good thing or a bad thing?

As a therapist specializes in relationship issues WHO, I can tell you That I have seen scores of men and women over the years Who Have Sexual Appetites and varied lifestyles. I’ve Worked With WHO swing couples and couples Who would not dare, and one distinguishing characteristic I have found Is That couples swing WHO Have less fear than monogamous couples. What’s more, They cheat less.

In terms of the fear, monogamous couples Often fall into the trap toxic jealousy, owners afraid That Might gesture or behavior lead to a full-fledged affair and the end of the relationship. Monogamous couples Also Often fear That Their best days are behind them, That They lost the opportunity for sexual excitement in behalf of settling down and getting married. On the other hand, swinging Often couples are deeply in love and emotionally connected, but They Do not value sex in the same way monogamous Their peers do.

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