Swingers: Inside The Secret World Of Provocative Parties And Couples Who ‘Swap’

Swingers, like polyester leisure suits, Seemed to Have Their heyday in the ’70s. But WHO Openly couples swap partners for a night of passionate sex with strangers, are becoming a growing trend in a sort of new relationship sexual revolution – and Those Who say swing the rest of us are missing out monogamists.

“Nightline” went inside the top secret world of swingers – as guests, not Participants – to a highly provocative masquerade party at a hotel in New York City hosted by a group called Behind Closed Doors.

Forget the notion That swingers parties are full of middle-aged folks Who are bored stiff by years of marriage. Behind Closed Doors ITS selects members based on attractiveness and age. The younger the better, and not everyone Makes the cut.

The couples Said They Do not find anything wrong With monogamy, but They Were looking for something more exciting and raw.

“Our best sex is With each other,” Said Sara of Eatontown, NJ, Who Was at the party with her ​​boyfriend Michael. “We have pretty amazing sex When We’re at home alone. When we come here it’s a physical attraction, not an emotional attraction.”


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