Swingers And Vanilla People: The Cruise

Last weekend, we ventured out to a comedy club and met some fellow lifestylers for a vanilla night out on the town (until after the show anyways)!

During the show the comedian, Eddie Cruz began calling out people in the audience and finding out interesting “facts” about them to use as jokes.  There was a group of four older people sitting at a table fairly close to the stage, opposite stage from our table, two men and two women, all over the age of sixty.  One of the pairs introduced themselves as best friends.  Upon further investigation, the comedian uncovered the fact that the four of them were “swingers.”  Finding this out, of course, evoked much dismay and laughter from the audience and many jokes to follow throughout the remainder of the show.


Little did anyone in the club know that opposite stage from them, where we sat, was a table of three more swinging couples, all under the age of 40ish, but no one ever suspected that.  I think if we were asked about it, we would have admitted to it, but we did not divulge any unsolicited information. The funny thing is, the comedian was selling t-shirts that said “Swinger” and had a tire swinging from a rope.   Of course, we had to have one!  You had to wonder a little about him.  After all, he even incorporated a swinger joke into his routine that had to do with his wife, not an audience member!

So, here we are at that stereotypical crossroads again.  Is it such a bad thing?  I guess it helps us younger generation swingers keep our identity to ourselves.  I guess no one expects “young” people to be interested in the lifestyle or maybe they think we don’t know about it!  Little do they know, we’ve taken it to the next level, and the Internet provides a whole new approach to meeting people and evolving the world of swinging.  After all, we must carry on their legacy!On the other hand, swingers are normal people, too!  We just know how to have a good time!  We like a little more flirt and a little more skin at our parties.  We don’t get jealous if someone thinks our spouse is “hot!”  We just agree and it makes that much better to enjoy!  Hopefully there’s a mutual attraction and you never know where that party could end up.

We went on a cruise sponsored by a lifestyle group.  It was a vanilla cruise with lots of families on board, so it was not a “run around naked for five days” crazy party like one would expect, but it was a lot of fun.  We had time for private parties and not-so-private sun tanning parties on the top deck.  Before the end of the cruise, everyone on the ship knew what those yellow wrist bands meant.  The comedians were attending our parties and using “swingers” as subjects in their stand-up routines!What is it that is so funny about “swingers?”  Is it the word?  Is sex that funny?  I just can’t quite figure it out!  Maybe we need a new name.  Every time we get into these discussions with fellow members of our great society, we all agree that we need a new name, but no one ever has any suggestions that stick!

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