Surprise Foursome With Our Best Friends

My wife Brandy and I have been friends with our Neighbors Mike and Liz for over 10 years. Since we moved into the community and met them, we instantly connected and we have been glued ever since. They are a lot of fun. Most weekends the four us go out together and party at local bars, or just to hang out and watch a movie or a play.

The relationship was fun and normal. Never once did we get the slightest hint that our best friends were a little wild and freaky. It seemed like we were always around them and we thought we knew everything there was to know about Mike and Liz.

We decided last summer that the four of us would go on a road trip for ten days. We lived in upstate New York, and were to drive all the way to the West Coast, maybe end up as far west as Portland, hitting up some of the major cities and hotspots in between. So we rented an RV, packed some party favors and off we went. We made stops in Chicago, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Portland and a few more spots in between.

One night after partying at one of the bars we stopped, we all were a little drunk so we decided to get a hotel room so we could have a good night’s rest and some breakfast that we did not have to make before hitting the road again. We checked in a nearby Marriott’s and got a big enough room to share.

We got undressed quickly and we said good night to Mike and Liz and we thought everyone would just be out until whenever we woke up.

About thirty minutes after we lied down, Brandy and I both woke up to sounds of Liz moaning, moans that got louder and louder by the second. It was very distracting and neither of us could sleep through it. Minutes later, it got even worse. Mike and Liz were now fucking like wild animals, it was as if the totally forgot we were in the room. After a few minutes I decided, “that’s it”, I was gonna go over to their side of the room and tell my drunk and wild friends to keep it down so the poor neighbors and us can get some sleep.

I walked over to their bed and before I could say anything, Mike yelled “Dave…. My buddy. Coming to watch?” I was a little taken back and surprised. I stuttered a little bit then replied “NO!” “We are trying to sleep and you two maniacs are keeping us and everybody else on this floor awake.” We were having this conversation while they were still fucking. Mike had Liz’s legs over his shoulder and was pounding her extremely hard, while looking around at me with a big grin. It was Liz who next spoke and said “Come on Dave, don’t be such a party pooper. Just sit down and watch the show.” I couldn’t help but notice here two beautiful breasts, long nicely shaved legs and the look of ecstasy on her face. When Mike asked me to watch, I could have passed, but coming from her, made it a little bit more difficult to leave.

I must have been too long because Brandy suddenly walked over asking, “what the fuck is going on?” Liz then got up from under Mike, got up on her two knees, crawled over to the edge of the bed, held both our hands and said “Mike and I are a little bit of an exhibitionist, and we would love for you guys to stay and watch.” Brandy was about to reply before Liz interrupted saying, “PLEASE”. I must admit, I could not say no. Brandy agreed, not sure why but who cares. She said ok. It was awkward but hot…. We never saw this coming and after tonight I am sure we will look at our best friends in a new light. But for right now, the focus is on the two of them fucking. Mike went down and started eating Liz’s pussy. She was moaning so hard with excitement, it was driving me crazy just sitting there doing nothing. I pushed Brandy down on the bed and removed her panty. She was just wearing underwear and a T-shirt. She did not resist and I went straight to licking her pussy like I was starving.

Mike and I were licking away at the ladies.

I did not think the night could get anymore adventurous, until I looked up and Liz was licking on Brandy’s nipples and she was enjoying it. I crawled up to the top of the bed and placed my cock in my wife’s mouth, and she started sucking me off while Liz continued to lick her nipples. I almost came when I felt Liz’s hand grab my cock and started stroking it while Brandy continued to suck on the tip. I looked down and Mike’s tongue was no longer inside Liz’s pussy but inside of Brandy, MY WIFE.

The two girls were now sucking my cock and it would not be long before I would be ready to blow my load. “No… I cannot have this end hear” I pulled away from the ladies mouths, and while Mike continued to lick and finger my wife, I decided to go return the favor to his. I placed my anxious lips and tongue in Liz’s pussy, and gently begun to kiss and lick around it, before I was massaging her clit with my tongue. I slid my index finger inside her pussy, as she moaned and grind her hips against my lips. I could tell Mike was doing a good job on Brandy because was making similar noises.

Liz came on my face a couple times before she got up and bent over, commanding I fuck her real hard from behind. At the same time, Mike crawled up over Brandy and I could see her eyes close while he slid his cock inside of her. I penetrated Liz with my throbbing hard cock, started off with a few minutes of warm-up strokes, before I was ramming her as if I have been waiting all my life to do this. Mike was giving Brandy a similar poundage. We fucked for another hour or so. Both taking turns fucking our own wife and each other’s.

It was a wild experience. The wildest thing I have ever done and I am sure for Brandy it was the same. I had a feeling that this was definitely not the first time for Mike and Liz though. So that morning at Breakfast, I couldn’t help but ask if they had been swingers all this time. They replied saying that they are not really swingers. They are very free spirited and open-minded sexually, and yes they have had a few experiences with others. Mostly girls for threesomes and one other couple. They asked us if we were OK. Brandy and I had stayed up the rest of the night talking about it after we were done, and we both had to admit that it was fun. We were not exactly sure how it would affect our relationship with Mike and Liz, but this little foursome experience may not be our last.

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