Should Swingers Meet New Couples Or Meet With The Same Couples?

Mr. and I got into a discussion the other day about which we liked more, playing with a new and unfamiliar couple or a couple we knew and had played with before.

There is definitely an intensity and increased eroticism when playing with a couple you don’t know that well.  The Mr.  laughing told me the guys call this getting “strange”.  Referring to taking home a woman you don’t know after picking her up at the bar.  If you find that couple where everything is absolutely clicking and everyone is extremely hot the “playtime” can be off the charts.  The drawback is, there is some associated awkwardness that comes into play when you are playing with a couple you don’t know.  Sometimes a couple that was all fun and games all of the sudden gets quiet and shy when they are naked.

Playing with a couple you know well and enjoy can certainly be an awesome experience.  When you play with a couple you know, you have begun to map the orgasm highway a bit and can really share some smiles.  The familiarity also allows couples to be more open about exploring their turn-on and fantasies.  We really don’t see any drawbacks to being with couples we know as it is usually a guaranteed good time, but if you have limited times to play during the month being with familiar couples takes up spots for the new sexy greener grass on the other side.

What are your thoughts?

Do you prefer familiarity or do you thrive on the anticipation of the unknown?  Many couples enter the lifestyle for the eroticism of being with couples or people who they do not know.  Being intimate with a stranger is a turn on for some people and sometimes produces an overwhelming eagerness to please that person.  For some, this can be a lot of pressure.

Familiarity definitely has its benefits.  Increased comfort levels may lead to more satisfying sex.  Being able to communicate openly with your play partner allows you to get to know that person and their “other places” and satisfy them more intensely, while enjoying it yourself!

Do you and your partner like meeting and playing with new couples or do you prefer playing regularly with a few, familiar couples?

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