Sex Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink!

Being an adult male who came of age during the Internet revolution, I have surfed my fair share of adult websites on the wicked wide web.  The problems is trying to separate good quality informative, educational, and erotic websites from the masses of low quality cheap porn that is ubiquitous on servers across the nation.

One of the goals we established for ourselves when we decided to the build this blog, was to be a source of high quality website links for members of the lifestyle.  We had a few that we have used in the past and really liked, but in an effort to bring more quality to the site I have spent the better part of the day surfin’ porn. (Yes, I have kept my pants on the whole time)

So first thing this morning I rolled up my sleeves, popped my knuckles, and set out on operation Sexysites.  It became apparent very quick, that good educational and informative sexual websites are very hard to find.  The problem, I’m sure, has little to do with there not being that many but more from trying to find them among the millions of sexual sites throughout the web.

So we are turning to you!  We are asking if you know of any good quality sexual related sites, erotic blogs, or other swinger resources to please let us know.  We will continue adding them as we find them, but would love to hear about what great websites you are using out there.

The type of sites we want should not be overwhelmed with advertisements, no pop-ups, and free.

Here is an example of a sexy blog we found today:

Thanks for you help and enjoy!

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