Sensual Ball Party: Review

My apologies for The delay in writing this, but we are currently getting over our 8th Weekend in a row partying, and its really catching up with us ! (Phew… only 2 more to go before we hibernate for a month over winter !)

We were lucky enough to be able to venture down to the Sensual Ball over the long weekend in June.

The Ball is in its 6th year, and is a very popular event with swingers/vouyers and fetishists from all over Australia. Its held at a large night club style venue Right in the heart of Sydney. The rules are very similar to Swingfest, in that there is No Play of a sexual nature allowed on premises. Its really a big ‘meet and greet dance party’ and as such needs to be be approached that way by the more ‘hard core’ swingers.

We spoke to a few people before going, and their attitude was ‘why should we fork out that sort of $$$ if we are not guaranteed a Shag?” – Cough Cough, ummmm well I am glad that swinging has all types involved, and its obvious the likes of these guys will NEVER cross paths with us.

We arrived close to 8pm, and the flow of people through the door was quick, and orderly. Plenty of experience at running this event, has ensured a good system at the entry. The cloakroom was well manned, and very organised, and the first thing you notice is that almost EVERYONE had gone to a lot of time to organise a sexy outfit for the night.

Some outfits were stunning ! Well done to the people who went to the trouble.

Average age was mid-30’s (as we expected) and there were all types, sizes and ages of people there. So the general demographic of swingers was Fully represented.Someone did say to me later, that they thought Itwas an ‘older crowd’ than previous events, but as an event coordinator, I’d be more than happy with the demographic that attended.

The venue is HUGE ! but it needs to be, as they often get 1300 people attending. A rough head count by an independent person reckoned there were around 900 this time, but truly, I have no clue. There were a LOT of people, but it was’nt crowded as I expected. The main dance room had music PUMPING, mainly dance tunes and ‘bump and grind’ stuff, but it was really loud. That was probably the only negative I had all night. We were there to talk to people, learn stuff, and guage interest in other events etc…. and have a good time. The noise made that a bit hard. Mind you we are ‘older’ and noise of that level can be annoying LOL. Everyone on the dance floor seemed not to notice, and it stayed packed most of the night.

Other areas, were a screened off ‘chill’ area, but it was behind the dancefloor, and was still a bit noisy for us. It seemed hugely popular for people to have a cuddle and flirt though.

The bar was well manned, and we did not wait for a drink all night. Full marks to the freindly and fun bar staff, who must just LOVE this night every year LOL

There was another area setup for the fetish mob to have fun. It didnt hold my interest for long, but once again, there were lots of people lining up to get chained up and flogged (whatever floats your boat I say).

We spent a lot of the time downstairs in the cramped smoking area chatting to people. I understand that smokers are in the minority these days, but for an event like this where up to 30% smoke, the venue needs to really rethink its layout. To be fair though, and as an event organiser, you need to cater to the majority, and you are at the whim of the venue here, that generally does not have such a large crowd at any one time.

The shows were excellent. We only stopped and watched a couple, but the crowd sure seemed to enjoy them, and it gave everyone a breather from the hectic dancing.

The 4 of us that went down, had a great night. We met a few new people, and bumped into a heap of people who had been at Gold Coast Swingfest and said they were waiting for us to announce details of Swingfest 2009 (coming soon to It was great that every one of them compared Swingfest to Sensual Ball in a favourable light.

Some questions we’ve been asked since we got back….

Would we go again ? YES !
Were all the people there Swingers ? NO
Was it a good venue ? YES !

Its one of the events, you should put in your calender for the year, if you like dressing up, dancing, flirting and letting your hair down in an environment with like minded people.

We’ve heard rumours that Sensual Ball has now been sold to another organiser, so it will be interesting to see if it changes or expands into other states.


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