Playroom Etiquette: “Are You Playroom Friendly?”

Swinger parties, Swingers clubs, Swingers Vacation Events or private parties, are all built around  “The Playroom.” Everything that happens before is all in preparation for the “Grand Finale”…. if you know what I mean. You have spent your entire night trying to be your sexiest, all to get some action when the real party room finally opens up. It is important that you do not do anything that may ruin your chances of having some fun at the end of the night. It is more important that you do not do anything to ruin the fun of others.

So with that in mind, here are some tips to guide you on the “do’s and don’ts” of the playroom.


Don’t Be “Smelly Nelly” – Be Nice and Clean

If you showed up to the party nice and fresh and you haven’t gotten sweaty from dancing all night, then you do not necessarily have to take a shower before you enter the playroom. However, if you did get sweaty from dancing, or you left your home without showering, please be courteous enough to clean yourself up and remove any trace of body odor before you try to interact with others in the playroom. If you use to party with a couple and they all of a sudden starts to avoid you, it is probably because you were a bit smelly the last time you were in the party room.



Ask Before You Touch


Due to the openness of the environment and the friendliness of the people, it is easy to assume that it is a free for all and you can grab and touch anyone or anything. Well, especially for the guys, this is a warning to you; you can and will get punched in the face. Never make assumptions, always be sure by asking first. It’s also important to pay attention to body language, to make sure someone really means yes and not just saying s because they fell pressured by the situation. Also never assume that the permission to touch a boob also means it’s ok to do anything else. When you choose to do something with another person in the playroom that is not your partner, please ensure that prior consent is given.


Gawkers No Gawking

There are a lot of exhibitionists in the swinging lifestyle, and when you get to the playroom, it’s normally easy to identify whom those people are. They will position themselves conveniently for others to watch and see. There are others however who would like to have fun without anyone gawking, especially if they do not know you. So please, never open closed doors when it is obvious the room is occupied. Do not open curtains and just stand there uninvited. And if you are staring at a couple and you notice them change position the minute they notice you staring, they probably do not want you watching. DON’T BE A GAWKER.


When In Doubt, SHAVE!


Not sure if I speak for everyone. However, from my experience, the general preference is that you come nicely groomed when you show up to a group party. Some people may still have a thing for a bit of bush, that may even be your personal preference. However, giving up a little bit of pubic hair for an amazing party is not such a bad trade-off. It may or may not be an issue, but “When In Doubt, Shave”


No “Bi” Assumptions


There are a lot of bi-sexual or bi-friendly women in the lifestyle. There also bi-sexual men. If that is what you are looking for, then you will definitely find it. However, guys, this is especially for you. While most women may be okay with another females touching them and even fooling around a little bit in the heat of the moment, males on the other hand do not take such an assumption from another male as lightly. As a dude, try avoiding unnecessary contact with the other male as much as possible unless it was discussed prior, and it is mutually ok. Please, no Surprises. Ladies, it is not as serious on your side, but asking the other female is she is bi-sexual or bi-friendly before making any moves is also a recommendation of mine. The experience is way better when everyone is comfortable.

So if you are newbie and have never been in a group playroom before, please follow these tips to make sure your first experience is not your last. For all the seasoned lifestyle couples who have developed any of the above habits, trust me, people are talking about you. You should consider stopping.

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