Our Hot Sex Experience At Hedonism II

My wife and I took a trip to Hedonism II in 2009. We had never been to a clothing optional resort before, and certainly not one with the reputation of Hedonism II! Lisa was a bit nervous and I was excited. We weren’t sure what to expect so we purchased a book about the resort titled “The Naked Truth About Hedonism II”. The information in it was helpful and set some of Lisa’s worries aside. The book stated that it is NOT a swinger’s resort, though a lot of swingers do go there at times, and no one would pressure you to have sex. In fact, sex in the open is NOT supposed to be permitted but rarely does anyone say anything about it and the chance of seeing sex while there is good especially if you are out at night near the nude pool or hot tub.

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and immediately checked in to our room then hit the beach.

Lisa wasn’t comfortable going full nude so she donned a hat, sunglasses and a thong and off we went. I on the other hand had no problem getting naked. We wandered around the beach a bit then went over to the hot tub. While there we met a few people and already observed some blowjobs and a lot of sexual contact, if not intercourse. Thursday night was “Toga Party Night” and Lisa had come prepared. She had made us each togas. Mine was standard white and her was red and very short. Underneath she wore a red tiny G-string that was totally sheer in front.

We went to the main dining area and watched the show. An older couple sat down with us and the man was drooling over Lisa. Her toga was over one shoulder and the other side went under her arm so her left breast was constantly trying to fall out. She was asked to dance by a few ladies and a couple of young guys and as she would spin her lovely ass was completely exposed. We got bored with this in short order and headed over to the piano bar. No one was in the bar but there was a group of people in a room that was immediately off the bar and we were invited in. Everyone gave Lisa a hard time because she was wearing a G-string. They knew this because they asked her what she had on underneath and she lifted he toga and slowly turned around and showed everyone. They began trying to get her to remove it and finally a couple of them approached her and one of them held her while the other one slipped her G-string off. He then stuck the panties in his pocket and told her he’d give them to her later since she had no where to put them.

The group in this room wasn’t wearing togas so Lisa made all of them, 10 or so men and 3 or 4 ladies, prove they were “commando” under their clothes.

They all agreed and she was given a nice show of cocks ranging from very tiny to average to someone large. The women all displayed either shaved or very well trimmed pussies. We got drunk with them and then went outside and smoked some pot with a few of them. As we all got more fucked up the guys got friendlier. Lisa had 3 of them with their hands all over her in no time. Two of them had wives with us and I was getting my share of attention from them as well.

After a bit we went to the disco. It didn’t open till around 11:00 but we got there before that. They let us in and we began drinking and flirting with the staff. It was quite chilly in there and so we left and waited to return until the crowd picked up and the body heat warmed things up some. Around 12:30 we returned and it was pretty full then. We squeezed out onto the small dance floor and were dancing in the middle of a group of people who were barely dressed at all! I went to the bar to get us another drink and had a difficult time getting back to Lisa on the dance floor. 3 guys and 2 ladies surrounded her. They were all dancing together and holding on to each other. One of the guys was grinding into her from behind and a lady in front of her was rubbing her ass against her crotch. She had hands grabbing her all over and was returning the grabs as much as possible.

I got to her and we moved off the floor and stood talking.

Lisa was now getting hot and was ready to go. I suggested that we go back to the pool and hot tub so we left the club and stripped off our togas. Lisa was now naked so she wrapped a towel around her waist and off we went. We had been drinking all afternoon and had smoked several joints so we were feeling no pain and were ready for some sexy fun. I was shocked at how full the hot tub was and how much activity was going on. It must have been nearing 2:00 am and the party was getting bigger not winding down.

We got in the Jacuzzi and found a spot between a man and 2 ladies. The ladies were both working on him, occasionally turning their attention to each other. On the other side was an extremely large black man who appeared to be alone. Hedo II does allow single guys but if they get too aggressive everyone there’ll shun them so he appeared to be relaxing and enjoying the MANY shows and performances around the tub. I sat on the bench and Lisa sat between the black man and myself. After a while he moved over to the center of the pool and was either squatting, kneeling or sitting so that he was mostly under water. Lisa moved over in front of me and began to play with my cock. I got up on the side of the tub and she then began to give me a blowjob. The black man now turned his attention to us. He moved back over to his spot on the bench in the hot tub and was sitting right beside Lisa as she went up and down on my cock. He appeared to be playing with himself…


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