Our First Full Swap Experience Was At Hedonism Ii

My wife Lynette had been sexually active with many varied men until the week before we married at ages 26. Three years into marriage, we began toying with adventuresome fantasies; including pretending Lynette was making love with other men, women and together in-group settings. Lynette remained adamant it would never happen in reality; though she thoroughly enjoyed the fantasies…more than I did sometimes, felt was comfortable to me. Nonetheless, I admit wanting some new pussy myself. A dormant fetish with a black girl surfaced, that was my special fantasy, while Lynette was similarly responsive. She’d dated a man of color and had genuinely enjoyed their sex.

Around the same time by a lucky twist of life, we became surprisingly wealthy from stock options in the technology company where I worked. We could afford to travel frequently. One spring we ventured to Jamaica, staying at the Sandals resort adjacent to Hedonism II in Negril.

Had we known about Hedonism II we might have stayed there. Then again, we hadn’t turned fantasy into reality (yet) so maybe we wouldn’t have. Anyway, we met a friendly couple at Sandals and got to know them very well through social activities over the first couple of days.

Some of these activities were naughty and risqué experiences. Pool volleyball with wives on our shoulders and switching them around, toga parties (no bra or panties allowed!), snorkeling naked at a party island just offshore, dancing and groping as a group, etc.

You might say that we all got into the local Reggae spirit while enjoying the good Rasta vibrations that developed among us…



On our arrival in Jamaica, several other couples joined us for the airport-to-resort van ride. Lynette and I rode adjacent to an attractive black couple from San Francisco and over the 3-hour journeyed we enjoyed enough banter with Trace and Felicia to feel comfortable planning our first afternoon on the beach with them.

Trace’s wife, Felicia, was lighter in coloring due to mixed Asian blood that also gave her an exotic look. At five-nine she was shorter my six-feet, and much shorter than Lynette’s five-three height. Like Lynette, she’d run track in college and now worked as a physical therapist.

Lynette was positively diminutive next to Trace, who at six-four seemed to tower above us all. She couldn’t have weighed more than half what he did. Otherwise, Lynette represented my ideal woman insofar as she was nearly hairless with just wispy pussy hair, though I’d never seen much since she kept it well trimmed. Blue eyes and dirty blond hair melted me…well, hardened me too.

My diving had developed elastic gymnast musculature, powerful thighs, calves and abs to complement a narrow waist. I’d started as a sprint swimmer so had broad shoulders too. In addition, like Lynette, I worked out regularly since it had become part of my lifestyle early on.

Otherwise, I’m relatively common but with a strong jaw, long eyelashes and ringlet curled hair. It was enough to get me Lynette and regular sex while single.

Back to Jamaica…once settled into our room, we were to meet our new friends at the beach bar. Before that, Lynette and I promptly stripped, showered and had a hot screw. She played a favorite fantasy of fucking another man … a big cocked black man, and I knew she was thinking of Trace. Fortunately, I also believed she’d maintain her resistances to actually letting someone else screw her married pussy.

Lynette put on a nice but not overly risqué bikini. We had gotten her a couple of thong suites while on a night layover in Miami but she thought it smart to see what was common first.

We chatted while she prepared and the topic migrated to Felicia and Trace when I complemented her on how charmed Felicia with her interest in physical therapy work. Lynette said we would have a great spending time the next week with people like them…attractive and intelligent.

Trace and Felicia were at the bar when we arrived and graciously had drinks awaiting us. We hoisted a toast to having a kick-ass week of fun and partying together.


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