Open Relationships: Can Actually Be Pretty Awesome

In the world as we know it, monogamy seems to be the norm, or at least what we were made to believe by the so-called “RULE MAKERS”. If you should approach a random person about the idea of an open relationship, they would probably scowl in disgust or disagreement to the idea. Even though, if you really think about it, the most natural thing for us as human beings, seems to be us having multiple sex partners.

So why exactly is the world so against open relationships?

Well, you can contribute the disapproval to such behavior to many things, religion, insecurity, population control, health, amongst other things that comes hand in hand with sex and it’s possible repercussions. Despite all this, many couples today are exploring the idea of being in an open relationship, and they are being very successful at it. While this does not work for everyone, what I do agree with is those who so desire and have what it takes to maintain a healthy open relationship, should be allowed to do so without the judgment or disapproval that normally comes along with it.

When two people in love allow themselves to be so vulnerable, I think it’s a testament to the strength of their relationship.

Regardless of what people may say, the number one reason why some couples would not entertain the idea of being in an open relationship is due to jealousy caused by insecurity. It is actually quite pathetic to think that some people believe sex is the only thing that is keeping their relationship together. Couples in an open relationship are able to compartmentalize and understand that the physical act of sex has nothing to do with the strong emotional bond you build with your partner, that bond that’s called LOVE. Due to this, these couples get to have the best of both worlds. You get to be in love with your life partner, and together you can share and explore the many sexual fantasies and adventures that are there to be enjoyed. Not everyone has those strong desires for sexual exploration, but those who do, should know that this is an honest option available to them without the cheating or deception.

I have met many couples that are in open relationships. For some reason, these couples seem to be more happy and healthier in their relationships than the average monogamous couple. They enjoy a better social life, they have three times more sex with each other, and they some how look younger and more alive.

If you believed before you found this article that being in a relationship, means that your world of sexual adventure has now ended, you now know there is an alternative that is not called CHEATING. Communicate your desires with your partner. If there is a mutual interest and you are both honest with each other, you can enjoy an amazing marriage, fulfilling all your fantasies together, being in an open relationship. It’s actually “Pretty Awesome.”

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