Mr. And Mrs. SecretSwingers

We are a couple in our late thirties that have been married eight years, together for fifteen.  We are happy, committed (to each other), and very secure in our relationship.  We are both normal, well educated professionals, each having had normal suburban upbringings.  We have always been very open sexually with each other and have enjoyed an incredible sex life together.  We have a big circle of vanilla friends that would never guess we have a “SecretSide”.  We do not view the lifestyle as a way to fix our relationship but rather to enhance and intensify an already great relationship and an amazing sex life, and to meet new like-minded friends.

Our journey into the lifestyle began innocently enough one evening when we were both lying in bed reading.  Mr. SecretSide was reading a magazine of mine that listed the top 10 most common sexual fantasies that people have.  He started reading through the list and one by one asked me if I had fantasized about each.  Some I had already experienced before we had met.  He got to the one that asked “have you ever fantasized about being with someone of the same sex”, I paused for a second and said “yes”, he was very surprised because I am an open book with him about my past experiences.  He was very turned on by the thought and wanted to know all the details, I even got out a photo album from college to show him a picture of the girl I fantasized about.

As a Christmas present I typed out my fantasy I had about her and emailed it to him.  Needless to say my little fantasy was a huge hit with him!  Then he surprised me by emailing back a fantasy of his that he had had for a long time.  We continued emailing fantasies back and forth, sometimes adding to each other’s.  Though we sometimes surprised each other (quite pleasantly), we were both on the same page.  This went on for several months, until we both realized that it would be a lot of fun to make them real.  It was about this time when Mr. SecretSide was listening to the radio one day, it was an interview of a young couple who were swingers, the interviewer was fascinated but Mr. SecretSide was even more fascinated.  As soon as I got home he told me all about them and that they seemed so normal and fun.  They had mentioned a website that they used to meet other like-minded couples, he suggested we check it out, I have to say I was quietly excited about the idea.  So that night we sat in front of the computer, logged on to the site, and were very surprised at how many people were in this “lifestyle”.  After looking around for a while we thought this might be a good way to find new friends and to live out our fantasies.   We wrote a profile, took some pictures and posted them.  That’s what has brought us to this point.

We hope you enjoy our fantasies and follow along with us on this journey.