Looking To Meet Other Swingers? 10 Places You Can Search

Once you have determined that you would like to expand the sexual boundaries of your relationship, and give the swinging lifestyle a try, the next question you now need answered is, “where do I find other swingers?” This may seem hard because it’s not exactly the thing then run TV commercials for and swinger couples also don’t come with a special label. You cannot go around asking random strangers if they are swingers, so how exactly do you find other swinger couples? Here are 10 places you can look.

1. Swinger Dating Sites

Yes, these do exist. Just like they have sites for singles matchmaking, the same exist for swingers as well. It’s worth becoming a member on one of these sites, as you are sure to find a lot of swingers, even in your local area on some of these sites. There are a number of reputable swingers dating sites around. If you are in the USA, you want to checkout sites like, Kasidie, SLS.COM, Lifestyle Lounge and a few others. If you are in Canada, you may find a lot of local swingers on sites like Intothelifestyle.com and Café Desire, and if you are in Europe, SDC is very popular among swinger couples in Europe.


2. Swingers Clubs

You can find one ore more swingers clubs in almost every major city in North America. These clubs operate similarly to your regular downtown night club, except for the fact that, there are adjoining rooms for couples to have sex during, or after the party, and all the people that are at these clubs are most likely swingers or curious about swinging. I am sure by just simply searching Google for a swingers club in a city near you; you will definitely find a few. You can also ask any local couple you meet on any swinger-dating site you join about swingers clubs in the area.


3. Clothing Optional Resorts

In addition to having sex with multiple people, there is also another thing swingers have in common. They like to be naked in public. So when swingers travel, they tend to frequent the resorts that are clothing optional so they can be naked on the beach. Resorts like Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica, and the Desire Resorts in Cancun Mexico, host many swinger groups annually, and you can almost be guaranteed to find swingers on vacation at these resorts and others like this, anytime of the year you visit.


4. Swinger Cruises

Swinger cruises are not as prevalent and accessible as the resort option, but a few of them do exist. There are about 2 or 3 large swingers cruise ship take-over that happens each year, and these cruises have any where from 1000 to 2000 couples. If you like cruising and you are looking to meet and party with a lot of swingers, then this is a great option.


5. Social Media

There are way more swingers on Facebook than you know. Swingers have found a way to setup private anonymous Facebook profiles, and create secret communities where they can interact daily on social media with other swinger couples. Not just on Facebook, twitter also has a lot of couples that have created twitter accounts specifically for the purpose of sharing their fantasies and experiences in the lifestyle. Once you find your first swinger specific Facebook profile, then that opens up the door to the secret world of swingers on Facebook. If you are considering using Facebook, twitter or any other social media site for the lifestyle purposes, make sure you fully understand the necessary security features needed if you do not wish be found by those you do not want knowing about your participation in the swinging lifestyle.


6. Craigslist

Craigslist is the capital of spontaneous hook-up for swingers. It is where swingers go to place an ad if they are feeling frisky on a Tuesday and want to do something with a couple or single later-on at a nearby hotel. If you search the personals section of Craigslist, you will be sure to find several ads for couples near you who are searching for a hook-up or an outing with other like-minded couples. You can either reply to one of those ads, if something intrigues you, or place your own.


7. Yahoo Groups

Not as popular now as it use to be before Facebook, but there are still quite a few swingers that have private groups on Yahoo Groups, mostly to arrange their private house or hotel parties. If you go to Yahoo groups and type the word “Swingers” in the search bar, you will find several groups that you can send a request to join. Acceptance to these groups however will be left solely to the discretion of the group moderator.


8. House Parties

Swingers love hosting house parties. However, house parties tend to be more exclusive and not as easily accessible as the above options. To know about house parties happening near you, you would most likely have to be personally invited. There are some who have more open parties in the summer, and those you can normally find on whatever swingers dating site you are a member of, or places like craigslist or yahoo groups. Careful though, house parties are a lot more intimate than the regular club parties, and may not be the best first option for a newbie if you are just looking to observe and go at your own pace.


9. Meetup.com

Swingers go on meetup.com to organize their monthly “Meet N Greets” and other private local events. Good place to look if you are searching for a more laidback type event where you can get to know some couples and learn more about the lifestyle.


10. Adult Classifieds

Whether is print or online media, there are still those who use adult classifieds to place ads looking for “Ron De Vu”. This is a very old school and pretty much outdated method of finding couples but some people may use this if they do not know about the other above methods. If you online adult classified sites or the adult classifieds section of your local paper, you may be lucky enough to find an ad that involves a situation that intrigues you.

Rumor has it that if you are in the grocery store and someone has a pineapple in their shopping cart turned upside down, or if you see anyone with a black ring on the right hand ring finger, then these things signify that they are swingers. I am not sure about any of those two things but I can promise you will definitely find other swingers in the ten places listed above.



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