Is Swinging The New Fountain Of Youth?

Getting old is an inevitable fate that we all have to someday deal with. As much as man tries to defy nature, this cycle is what keeps the world going and it will never change. However, it has been proven time and time again that even though we cannot stop the aging process, we can change the way in which we age. The single biggest determining factor when it comes to an individual ages, is that persons lifestyle habits and attitude. Not excersizing, eating bad food, smoking….. What about monogamous relationships? Could being sexually restricted for the rest of your life contribute to the acceleration of the aging process?

For the average person, their glory days of being physically attractive go back to the years that they were single and living spontaneously. When you are out in the world to have fun and seek attraction from others, you naturally tend to take very special care in the way you carry yourself and your general health. It’s not just the physical, attitude has a lot to do with how a person ages. So how exactly would a monogamous relationship contribute to you aging faster? Well take a look at ten people you knew when they were single, that have been now married for over 7 years. How are they now, compared to those days? Physically, if they use to be, are they still as diligent about taking care of their bodies? Are they still as fun? The answer six out of ten times will probably be no to both questions. When a relationship is without adventure and excitement, it is human nature that those involved will stop caring. When each day brings the same thing as the day before, you stop living and pretty much all you are doing is going through the motions and waiting to die. This is the mindset that kick starts your days of “getting old.”


So how is this different if you are a swinger?

When you are in a swinging relationship, the very things that kept your interest in looking and feeling good, the very things that had you excited about life and having fun, those things are present in that relationship. Swinger couples, like singles, do not have the restrictions of the regular monogamous couple. Swingers get to go out on weekends, party, express their attraction for others other than their spouses, explore fantasies and all things involved in keeping your levels of oxytocin higher than the average. It’s these types of feel good moments that encourages a person to continue taking care of their physical health and well being, and continue to provide the affirmation you need to maintain a positive outlook on life. The ideal recipe for the restoration and preservation of youthfulness. If you attend a swingers party, you will notice that females in the swinging lifestyle in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, look and act ten to fifteen years younger than their vanilla peers. Like monogamous couples, swingers spend their average weekdays taking care of family and business, which can be equally as stressful for all. The difference is, swinger couples have the weekends or vacations to look forward to, where there are no restrictions as to how much they are able to express themselves, both in body and spirit.

Human beings live from the future, and not the present. However, when the future looks a lot like the not so exciting present, giving up seems like the next best thing. Being in an open relationship creates a future that holds adventure and excitement in abundance. For this reason, swinger couples work hard to stay sexy and healthy and always have a positive outlook on life, keeping us younger for longer.

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