Introducing Generation “Ys”: The Generation Of Younger Swingers

Ten years ago, even still today in some circles, if you mentioned the word “Swinger” the image that came to mind was, a group of below average looking middle aged couples whose kids have recently moved out and they are bored so they organized sex parties with their other middle aged friends for entertainment. I was not around the swinging lifestyle scene in the 80’s and 90’s so I cannot attest to whether that perception is true or not, but what I can tell you is that today, the swinging or what we now term as “The Lifestyle” community is way different.

The lifestyle community is so different to the point that younger couples, as young as couples in college are taking notice, and seeing the lifestyle as a refreshing alternative to the otherwise monotonous and sometimes intimidating traditional long term monogamous relationships. After spending years in college or in your early twenties having some of the best sexual experiences of your life, the idea of giving up those fun times for a life sentence to monogamy may not be so attractive to some, hence more and more younger people are putting off this commitment to lengthen their years of youthfulness and spontaneous adventure.

This seemed like the only option before the swinging lifestyle started making it’s way into the mainstream community as a viable relationship option, and has now caught the eyes of this new generation of “Young Swingers.” Imagine, two people in their early twenties who are both open-minded and have the desire to continue exploring their sexual boundaries, while still getting to enjoy the love and warmth of each other, and share those amazing experiences together. This alternative is a dream come true for millions of young people worldwide today, and you are starting to see the impact of that at the local swingers clubs and swingers events. There are even some clubs and special events that caters exclusively to just this group of younger swinger couples. If you visit any of the more upscale swingers clubs on a Saturday night, you will find several couples in their twenties, some as young as nineteen and twenty years old. Even though it has been long widely believed in the lifestyle community that younger couples are too insecure to be swingers, this fact is now becoming less and less true. What is very true though, is that this generation of younger couples is less inclined to label them selves as anything specific, and would rather view what they are doing as just having fun and doing what comes naturally and spontaneously.

For a community long marred by several misconceptions and negative stigma, this revolution is a welcome sight and something that will further help to push swinging and “The Lifestyle” as a more widely accepted relationship option. As more and more younger couples start to realize that excitement and sexual adventure does not have to end after college or after you get married, the ratio of younger swinger couples will drastically increase, and inevitably the decrease of infidelity amongst married couples.


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