How To Make Your Swing Wife Squirt Like She Never Did Before

This morning was literally a watershed moment in the SwingWife’s household. It came while Mrs. SwingWifes and I were participating in one of favorite pastimes, weekend morning wake up sex. For the first time in our almost fourteen years of marriage, Mrs. SwingWifes experienced a full blown squirting episode. It was not small or medium, but a full blown soak the sheets squirt.

This event is not the result of a one time sexual glitch or lucky accident, but yet the culmination of about five months of effort.

A few months after entering the lifestyle and openly exploring new sexual ideas and techniques we began reading about G-spot orgasms and the “squirting” phenomenon that sometimes accompanies it.

We were able very quickly, with just a quick description, to find Mrs. SwingWife’s G-spot. At first though, it’s stimulation only provided a new different type of sexual arousal. This arousal was not overly intense and definitely could not lead to any type of orgasm. Even so, for a month we tried to incorporate different techniques of G-spot stimulation into our bedroom repertoire.

Then all of the sudden, while having regular old missionary style sex, Mrs. SwingWifes was able to position herself where her G-spot was able to receive some stimulation and suddenly began experiencing a more intense arousal accompanied with several small squirts. We were so excited by our new set of talents, inspite that her squirts were still less intense then we had witnessed from some of our lifestyle friends and with a much less volume of liquid. Happy as we were letting Mrs. SwingWifes enjoy her new pleasures as often as possible, she would still need something more to achieve orgasm.

That has been the story up until this morning, at which time we rewrote the books on Mrs. SwingWifes “squirting” abilities.

I was using a technique that we had used in the past, but this time it just seemed to click. After a couple of minutes of her lying on her stomach and I using my thumb to massage the front wall of her vagina while the rest of my hand wrapped around the her pubic area to give her some clitoral stimulation as well , she suddenly started becoming very wet and then……

Think thoughts like thunderstorms, water hoses, fire hydrants, and other voluminous water projectiles. She started wrenching her body, moaning like an caged animal, and absolutely soaked me and a two foot wide radius of the sheets she was laying on. In almost fourteen years of marriage and one of those being in the lifestyle, it may well be the hottest thing I have ever seen. I felt like a fifteen year old boy, as it was everything I could do to keep from having an orgasm myself, and I was receiving no manual stimulation whatsoever.

There are many people out there who may have never really heard of the “art of squirting”, and some who have heard but don’t believe. I can tell you, as a bit of an original skeptic myself. It is not only real, but I believe from our experiences that nearly every woman probably has the potential to experience it. As a scientist by trade, I know that though often different members in a similar species have different levels of abilities and traits, rarely if ever, do some possess biological processes that others are missing altogether.

It took some work, albeit fun work, to finally reach the awesome event that took place this morning. I believe with patience, practice, and persistence most other women could enjoy the same experience. Quite honestly, from the experience many of our “squirting” friends have had and what we have read, I would imagine it probably would be a much quicker process for most ladies. So if you are a lady who really wished she could experience this, or the lucky husband married to her; relax, get naked, and practice, practice, practice!!!

~Mr. and Mrs. SwingWifes

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