How Can A Religious Couple Enter The Swinging Lifestyle?

This was sent to us from some friends which grew up in the Bible Belt.

She (Squeak) and he (Pip) are friends of us.


How does a young couple born and raised in the Bible Belt end up in the lifestyle?

What is the highly unlikely path choices one makes to find themselves here?  For us, and for many others out there, we had little to do with the decision.  The lifestyle found us.  We can honestly say that neither of us ever had thoughts about becoming swingers. Those who have known us all our lives, may very well have voted us most likely couple to never be Swingers.  It all started simple enough.  We had no idea that events were setting in motion that would take us on thus far the greatest adventure of our lives.

Believe it or not, a party for Squeak’s work is where our story starts.  We had just moved to Houston a few months prior, and Squeak had started a new job.  She really enjoyed her job and the people she worked with.  Her boss, a female, and Squeak really seemed to click from the beginning and very fast became great friends.  Fast forward a couple of months to the work party spoken of above, where we are relaxed and having a great time with our relatively new friends.

The party was a pool party, everyone had brought their kids who had spent most of the afternoon swimming while all the parents were just enjoying the conversation.  Then as evening fell, all the kids retired into the house to watch some movies and the parents had their turn in the pool.  I can assure you everything was innocent enough, as all of these people worked together.

After a little while in the pool, many of the partygoers began wrapping things up and heading home.

When it was all said and done, there was three couples and one single female sitting in the hot tub having a great time.  We were all around the same age, and all of us just clicked having an unbelievably great time.

The time was now around midnight and most of the kids had left.  Our daughter and the other couples son, were fast asleep on the couch inside the house.  The atmosphere had become pretty charged with lots of joking, teasing, and flirting when all of the sudden one of the ladies tops comes off.  Someone had made a dare and she took them up on that.  Then like a nudity virus, next thing I know everyone inside the hot tub is getting naked….almost.  Every one but Squeak.

Not because Squeak was jealous or uncomfortable, but due to the fact this was unlike anything either I or Squeak had ever seen.  I honestly cannot recall seeing another woman’s breasts other than Squeak’s from our wedding day forward, and neither of us had certainly ever been in a hot tub full of naked people.  The energy was absolutely electric and we both were enjoying it immensly.  Squeak was smiling from ear to ear, and though she never took her top off, to the dismay of the other men in the hot tub, she was enjoying flirting with the girls and teasing the men.

Squeak grew up in a house full of girls, and she had had been taught that sex is nothing more than a slightly dirty act required for childbirth.

Even in our marriage it had taken Squeak a few years to really get comfortable having sex and as we both were about to find out we had a long way to go.

But this night was different, something came alive in Squeak.  For the first time in her life she was flaunting her sexuality and enjoying seeing peoples responses.  She flirted with the girls and teased the guys.  I was seeing Squeak in a way I had never seen her before, and it became one of the most sexually exciting nights of my life.  Of course, I enjoyed the other breasts in the hot tub, but I enjoyed Squeaks reaction to them even more.

Sorry to disappoint, as no kissing, touching, or sex was had in the hot tub, but when we got home we made love in a way we never had before.  Our sex lives would never be the same, and we had taken our first very small step towards the “Lifestyle.”

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