How A Regular Monogamous Couple Ended Up As Swingers

Many people wonder how a couple get from being in a normal monogamous relationship, to becoming swingers. Which brave partner even dares to ask the question? I mean, think about it! It’s the kind of question that could cause serious problems. Not just in that moment, but throughout the entire relationship. However, it happens. I know it does because it happened to us and here we are. One day we were a normal monogamous couple, the next day we were in a threesome and then frequenting swingers clubs.


So how did this happen for us? Justin and I have been married for seven years and we have had a pretty awesome relationship up ‘til now. We have fun together. We both enjoyed going out on weekends and hang out with friends. And those weekends were pretty awesome. The sex is often and great, and we are madly in love with each other. Most people would say that we are the perfect couple.


One night we were out dancing and drinking. I know it’s normal for people to still find others attractive even if you are married, so it has never bothered me when I see Justin looking at other women. I have also never said anything …until this time. Not sure why I did it but it just happened. As this beautiful girl was passing by on the dance floor I saw Justin staring at her ass and I just suddenly asked, “You want to fuck her don’t you?” “Really babe…?” Justin replied. “Why would you even ask me something like that.”? “Like what?” I said. “It’s a question. I saw you staring at her so you must be thinking something. What is it?” As I continued to press for an answer I could see I was making him more and more uncomfortable. I am sure I am not the only wife in the world that is curious to know what their husband is thinking when they look at other women.


The difference is, unlike most women, I was interested because I genuinely want my husband to know he does not have to hide anything from me, and not because I was looking to pick a fight or felt jealous in any way. But he did not know that and I know he would never tell the truth because he is afraid it might lead to an argument. I took Justin’s hand and I pulled him close to me and gave him a big kiss to remind him that I love him. Then I said, “honey, I love you and I trust you and I want you to know you can tell me anything. If you have thought about fucking that girl or any other girl, it’s ok. As long as you love only me.” Then I asked again, “now, were you thinking about fucking that girl?” “Maybe…” he replied blushing. The way he looked at me after was remarkable. You could see in his eyes that that moment made his love for me so much deeper, even without him knowing what I was about to do next.


I noticed the girl Justin was staring at walking back from the bathroom. I decided to call her over for a drink. Miriam she said her name was. I offered to buy Miriam a drink while telling her that my husband thinks she has a nice ass and that she should dance with him. Justin was too shocked to say a word. However, when she said yes, his feet definitely responded quickly to the dance floor. Miriam was a lot of fun and we danced and chatted for a while. I then whispered to her that I wanted to surprise Justin and have the two of us seduce him. I could tell by the way she danced with him that she also found my 6 foot 3 inches tall, well-built husband very attractive, so I knew that there was a likelihood she would say yes. And she did. We left the club together and we took Miriam to our apartment. We spoke a little bit before we started kissing each other and before long Justin was fucking Miriam while she was fingering and licking my pussy. This was my first time being with a girl, and it was exciting. We fucked from 3:00am until about 6:00am that morning. The experience was incredible.


After that night, Justin and I became very open with each other about our fantasies. We spoke about other girls we would fuck and he also asked me about men I found attractive. Within a month of our first experience being with someone else, we were at a swingers club that we found online. Weeks later we fucked or first couple and we have been in the swinging lifestyle since. That one moment of truth in the club allowed us to add something new to our relationship that we both enjoy. Also knowing that we no longer have to hide anything from each other has made our marriage that much more special.

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