Do Soft Swappers Have More Fun?

(Let me preface this sure to be controversial, but hopefully thought provoking post with the statement that Mrs. SwingWifes and I are “full swap” as labels go and have no plans of removing this from our “swinger” playbook anytime soon. That being said, we actively enjoy times with both full swap and soft swap couples…… Now read on to see what the hell I am blabbering about)

If in your swinger lifetime you have spent longer than 26 seconds on any type of lifestyle forum you have no doubt ran across a thread debating the choice of soft swap or full swap as a swingers playbook. There are always some pretty colorful and interesting responses as why some couples choose their particular flavor.

In an episode of Swingercast, Allie (the sexier half of the worlds most famous soft swap swinger couple) gives a fantastic oration of why she enjoys being a soft swap couple. It really hit home with a phenomenon that Mrs. SwingWifes and I have observed ourselves.

Soft Swap play sessions seem to be intensely erotic and sensual affairs. Mrs. SwingWifes and I have observed that often even without penetration soft swap encounters can be more “sexual” than some full swap encounters. Now before you begin to think that I am a few swimming sperm short of a fertile cumshot hear my reasoning. (OK that was a little tacky word choice)

In a soft swap encounter, the foreplay is everything. The entire purpose and motivation of the play is to enjoy the exploration and interaction with another persons body. In our encounters with soft swap couples we find there tends to be much more focus and attention on all of the little things that take sex from good to extraordinary. One of both Mrs. SwingWifes and my favorite encounters was with a soft swap couple.

We have been in some full swap scenarios where there seems to be such a focus on getting to the penetration that a large chunk of the fun stuff gets either completely ignored or rushed. Guys turn your eyes away from the computer, I am about to lose a chunk of my man card…. I will admit that the act of penetration itself, although enjoyable is just a small step up the ladder from masturbation. OK, a little more than a small step but the point is that everything leading up to the penetration and all the sexual energy that it creates during penetration is what makes great sex!

Full Swappers the secret is this, “When done right all full swap encounters should begin as great soft swap encounters!!!” Then, when the two, four, six, or more of you are absolutely ready to burst, it is time to strap one on, yell yippee-ki-yay, and rock out with your cocks out…or something like that.

We realize there are some couples that enjoy the wham bam thank you ma’am type of encounter, but we just like a little more.

Something like:

wh…Wh….wha…wHa…WhA…WHA..WHAM BAM….WHAM BAM BAM….OH SHIT WHAM WHAM HOLY F*IN BAM ended with a kiss on the cheek and a friendly Texas Thank you ma’am!

So in conclusion, do we think soft swappers in general have more fun. No, but that does not mean they have any less fun or that we would be any less excited to get their pants off! 🙂

Next time you and your spouse are playing with each other or another couple, spend a little more time on the foreplay and see if your smile gets any bigger on your way to the shower afterwards!!!

What is your opinion on soft swap versus full swap!

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