Debunking The Top 5 Myths About Swingers And The Swinging Lifestyle

Despite the growth of the swinging lifestyle over the last decade, there are still some misconceptions and myth out there that still lingers and is widely believed by those who do not understand what swinging is all about. While earlier behaviors by swinger couples back in the 80’s may have held true to some of these misconceptions, what swinging or what we now call the lifestyle is today, is a far more diverse and normal community than what most may believe. In this article we will outline some of the top myths about swingers and swinging and talk about why they are not true.

1. All Swingers Are Old And Ugly

If you should walk into your local grocery store, pharmacy or shopping mall, that’s generally what the people in the swinging lifestyle look like. Swinger couples can be found in all ages, sizes and ethnicity. Contrary to what most may believe, there are very attractive young couples in the swinging lifestyle as there are some that are not so young or not so attractive.


2. Swinger Parties Are Big Orgies Where Everyone Has Sex With Everyone

Yes orgies do happen. Won’t deny that fact. For some people, that is what they are into, and some couples may arrange these types of get-togethers with a select group of friends at their private residence or at a hotel. However, the belief that your average swinger party is one big orgy with everyone screwing each other is far from the truth. If you should walk into any local swingers club, what you will most likely see is what looks like a regular nightclub with people dancing and having fun. Swingers like to dress sexy and sometimes wear costumes, and that you may notice, but everything else will be very much the same as your regular night club. People come to these venues to meet other couples they are attracted to, and from there, they may go back to a hotel or use an adjoining play area that the club may have reserved for such activities. Like the regular world, swingers get to choose whom they want or do not want to have sex with. Swinger couples are typically very respectful and “No Means No” 100% of the times.


3. People Become Swingers Because They Have Unhappy Marriages

Let’s first make this clear. An insecure unhappy couple would hardly survive a day in the swinging lifestyle. While some people may have tried to use the lifestyle as a way of fixing their marriage, I can assure you that experiment was very brief and most likely unsuccessful. Couples who thrive in the swinging lifestyle are normally strong loving couples that are secure enough in their relationship, to allow and enjoy their partner being pleasured by someone else. You will find that swinger couples are more loving and have a stronger line of communication than your average monogamous couples. Swingers use swinging as a way of adding more excitement and adventure to a great marriage, and not a way to mend a broken relationship.


4. Swingers Have A Higher Chance Of Getting STDs

News flash!! The risk of getting and STD being a swingers is just about the same as a single person that does not have one stable partner. Or better yet, that relationship that has one partner being unfaithful. As a matter of fact, swingers are generally more cautious than you average single person. In any sexual situation that includes at a swingers club, you have at least 4 people looking out for their own safety and the safety of their partners. Condoms are in abundant supply at any swinger’s party you attend.


5. Swinging Is Always The Husbands’ Idea

It’s very natural for those outside of the swinging community to assume that the husbands are the ones forcing their wives to swing. I can very confidently assure you that there are as many women that have introduced swinging to their husbands, as there are husbands that have done the same. Maybe back in the 80’s when females where more repressed that would have been the case. However today, women are way more confident and assertive in relationships, and they too have the same desires as men, and they are not afraid to express them.


The swinging lifestyle has greatly evolved over the past two decades, and is nothing like it use to be back in the days of key parties. Today swinging includes a wide range of couples and singles, looking to fulfill many different types of fantasies. The best way to find out and understand what the swinging lifestyle is like today is to attend a swingers’ event or talk couples that are in the swinging lifestyle.

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