Cuckolding: The Intellectual Sex Fetish

It’s S & M for Ph.Ds.: Cuckolding, men watch in Which Have Their wives sex with other guys, is catching on People with high IQs Among WHO revel in the psychological agony.

When I hear His wife moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, Paul Pines feels bad-then good. When Paul’s wife tells him the other man that is much better at sex than I ever WAS, Paul feels worse then better. But of course I do: I arranged this encounter, In Which I watches in agony as His Wife Makes Love to another guy. And almost as soon as it’s over, I’ll start planning the next one.

Cuckoldry is defined as a wife’s infidelity. Chaucer and Shakespeare characterized it as the ultimate shame. So it’s no surprise Perhaps That today it’s developed into a fairly popular fetish. The Internet is rife with husbands enthusiastically soliciting other men-often larger, hotter, and sexier than men to have sex-Themselves With Their wives while they watch.

“The high point of cuckolding is when your wife says she wants the other guy all the time and never wants you.”

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2 thoughts on “Cuckolding: The Intellectual Sex Fetish

  1. I tend to disagree with a statement made in the article that “cuckolding” is infidelity of the wife which I feel is wrong since as mentioned both Paul and Sally are involved him arranging for her lovers and watching her lovers possessing her body while he watches to me that’s still infidelity on both partners, as often the husband is the one to talk the wife into having a lover for the husband to see his wife sexually possessed by a lover as long as both are involved like in “cuckolding ” both are involved in infidelity each enjoying a different type of sexual pleasure.

    1. Thanks for your comment – sorry it got burried under a load of SPAM comments …
      Your perspective is a different one, I like how you interpret it!

      Thanks for the comment … are you a swinger, too?

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