Celebrity Quotes Supporting Open Relationships

Many well know celebrities are rumored to be in open relationships. While most will never admit to such due to the media scrutiny they would come under, others have made statements openly about their perspective on open relationships in general and their personal relationships. Below are some quotes from some well-known celebrities, supporting the idea of an open marriage.

Angelina Jolie – “I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship,” she said. “It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterward. Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.”

Jada Pinkett – “We always have people that we’re attracted to that we talk about. That doesn’t stop just because you’re married. Somebody’s always gonna catch your eye. That’s real. Somebody’s gonna always be prettier than me, and somebody’s always gonna be more in awe of him than me, and he gonna be like *in Will’s voice* ‘yo, she really like me’ (laughter), but as far as somebody being right for us… is there somebody right for a nice night? Maybe. But somebody that can sustain our life and sustain what we’ve built together, absolutely not!”

Dolly Parton – “If we cheat, we don’t know it, so if we do cheat, it’s very good for both of us. I don’t want to know it if he’s cheating on me. If I’m cheating on him, he wouldn’t want to know it…And if we do, if that’s what’s making it work, then that’s fine too.”

Mo’Nique – “Could Sid have sex outside of his marriage with me? Yes. That’s not a deal breaker. That’s not something that would make us say, ‘Pack your things and let’s end the marriage.’ What if it’s 20 times? So what? We’ve been best friends for over 25 years, and we truly know who we are. Often times, people get into marriages and they don’t know whom they’re laying next to. I’m very comfortable and secure with my husband.”

Tilda Swinton – “It may seem odd but it is certainly the best thing for the children. It’s not something I try to promote as a radical lifestyle choice. But it’s a situation I find very healthy. I can maintain my life with my children and their father and spend time with the man I’ve become very fond of. I am very fortunate there has been a lot of understanding by the men.”

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