Can Swingers Have A Happy Marriage?

Sex can be a hobby.

Brian and his wife, Both In Their early forties, like to meet new couples privately over dinner and drinks to talk and gauge mutual interest in trading partners for sex. “I’m very happily married,” I say.

According To Brian, the allure is mainly in the flirtation and suspense – before the sex. I like those moments at dinner when, “You do not know how the night is going to end.”

“Let’s face it, it’s easy for a married couple to fall into a day-to-day rut. Work, kids, house chores, bills, repeat… “Brian says. Swinging adds some excitement.

Online sites make it easy, and more people taking the plunge May be, says Curtis Bergstrand, a sociologist at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, and the author of “Swinging in America. Love, Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century” Swingers are “very much in love and have lots of trust,” I says. “The sex is just recreation.”

“I’ve never heard anyone say that swinging their marriage improved,” says relationship expert and author of “The Breakup Bible,” Rachel Sussman. But she’s noticed That Tend swingers their relationship to begin with an “open attitude to sex” and May Have started swinging early on. The key, she says, is to Establish “hard and fast rules” before you start: what can each person do?


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One thought on “Can Swingers Have A Happy Marriage?

  1. I can relate to this. Myself and Anna my now ex, knew that over time the relationship rut would probably hit us. We started swinging and partner sharing almost straight away. Our sex drives and the fact that we had been in relationships that pretty much held us back were the main reason’s for us to choose the lifestyle, the other was that I wanted her to enjoy as much freedom sexually as she wanted. I have never been the sort of person who would hold a partner back and she needed to explore the boundaries of her womanhood too. I never felt jealous or threatened or more importantly Claustrophobic which can sometimes happen in a relationship and is the cause of many affairs happening I believe. I think therefore those people who believe that a marriage cannot survive a sharing relationship are totally wrong. I truly believe, that it enhances the relationship, it brings new ideas to the bedroom. We embraced it, and we always spoke about our adventures together or with others. For us the lifestyle was a normal part of us.

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