An Arousing Anectdote

It was either the depth of his long forceful stroke or the way she moaned while more of her juices stained my already smothered lips that caused me to climax harder than—harder than I ever did before in my life. Looking up at her I licked my lips seductively and she squeezed my neck with her legs. Then she hopped off the bed and bent over to give me a deep sensual kiss. He forcefully thrusted reminding me that I was not yet done. He grabbed my handcuffs and used them to anchor my waist as he shoved five more into me, let out a deep grunt with each one. MY legs quivered as he left me, receding from his own climax. Still cuffed and bound I felt my own fluids dripping down my leg. He carefully untied me and motioned towards the bathroom where his girlfriend was cleaning up. Instead of getting up I laid down in the bed smelling the scent of making intense love, the scent of these two people who were just strangers to me hours ago…..


Four hours before this I had been invited to a BDSM Swingers Party in Astoria. I was 23, single and according to the couple that invited me I was a unicorn.

As I got dressed the female half of the couple rang my doorbell. She hurried in, criticizing my outfit for being too vanilla. I was reminded that this party will be on premise.

I heard about swinger parties before but never got around to going to one. My friends had been members of an online lifestyle community My Wild Lifestyle. They ran off a list of their close friends, some people who were friends of mines as well, all of them who were on the site and were also swingers. It amazed me and still does… all these people that I knew were secretly swingers, secretly fucking each other and then going out to brunch as though nothing was the matter.  I always thought it would be too intense for me. My friend suggested I come with a single male, a bull who wanted to come out to the party. I should avoid going to the second floor of the club. I was not sure what I wanted to do but I knew I was NOT going home with s single male. I wanted to live up the night and that meant it would not end the way any night in a regular club would. I ripped off my dress and left on only the purple and black corset, my purple thong, and the fishnet stockings that were supposed to barely peep out over my tall boots. I felt like a sexy super hero.

It was not until we walked into the club that I got to see what she was wearing. Her blue eyeshadow matched the blue shiny blue pasties and the blue skirt she wore. I never saw my friend naked like this, and never realized how succulent her breasts were. A blue horsetail peeped out of the tiny leather skirt. I later learned that she was plugged to advertise her enthusiasm for anal.

Her husband showed up later in some slacks and a bowtie. He was shirtless. I almost felt overdressed when I scanned the club. Tits, thighs, stomachs and chests were all exposed as though a buffet of erogenous body parts was laid out before me.  Clamps, leashes and people bonded with ropes were also on display. I grabbed my drink, a prepared Long Island Iced Tea that I made with a shot of Hennessy. Knowing that the club was BYOB I uninhibited myself and got a bit faded before hitting the dance floor. I had not finished my drink but already three woman had complimented me, two men introduced themselves and their wives to me and one couple asked me to save them a dance.

I felt sexy as hell and I realized that I was surrounded by many types of beautiful ladies. The pheromones alone almost drowned me.

Finally hitting the dance floor I saw my friend on a small stage with a pole. She was so flirty and sexy, flipping her hair and rubbing her breasts as another girl grinned behind her. I realized the girl was Lucia, a busty Hispanic woman who had introduced me to her husband ‘Mister K’. She explained to me that they had a Daddy Dom relationship and he was to be addressed as Mister. She motioned for me to join and I felt someone slightly touch my neck as I moved through the crowd and hopped on the stage.

I danced slowly, hoping no one could see the moisture in my panties.

I bounced between the couple I came with, the bar where my drink sat and this new couple; Lucia and Mister K. At one point I found Mister K spanking a woman who was not his wife with a paddle. I watched his crotch bulge and his eyes widen with excitement as her ass got redder and her screams got louder. I thought he was making a scene but the females 69’ing in the corner had most people’s attention. I grabbed the paddle and smacked the girls right butt cheek. She turned around, sensing the difference in intensity and when we made eye contact I blew her kiss. Having control over her body turned me on beyond words and I began to rub my own ass on Mister K as I smacked hers. He whispered something about going upstairs to a playroom with his wife. I leaned in to tell him okay and he took advantage, grabbing my face and kissing it gently. I almost came from that kiss alone.




BDSM – including bondage, domination and submission, and roleplay BDSM includes a variety of erotic fetishes and many swingers experiment with a variety of these.

Unicorn- a single woman in the lifestyle.  A rare and precious site.

 Vanilla – those who are not about the lifestyle life.

On premise– a party area that encourages and facilitates sex on their premises. IMO the best type of parties!

Bull– a single male in the lifestyle. Though it may seem uncommon there are couples looking for single males but the term comes from the idea that these men are invasive and obvious.

Plugged (anal plug) – a good way to advertise that you are ready and willing for anal play is by wearing a decorative anal plug. Though anal is not every swingers style, I personally keep a nice supply of plugs for some fun.

Clamps– Nipple clamps for the naughty girls who like a little bit of pain.

Leashes– Another personal favorite leashes are used by submissive women. The leash allows them to be controlled by anyone who they offer it to. My leashes are always in the hands of a nasty rough lover during the play parties. I would not have it any other way.

Ropes – particularly for the B in BDSM rope, especially Japanese bondage rope,  can be used to tie a young woman up and, with her permission, fuck the permission out of me…I mean her… *takes hand out of panties* .. Where was I?

Dom– For the D in BDSM Doms are the names for the dominating half of a couple that usually is given permission to control the will of the submissive half. My Dom particular enjoys spanking me, tying me up, teasing me until I beg, fucking me until my knees bend, denying me my right to cum and then making me cum uncontrollably by barely touching me. Just talking about it makes me wet.

Paddle– One of the tools used to give a nice, lasting spanking to a naughty swinger.

Playroom – Most on-premise locations include private rooms with freshly cleaned sheets, condoms and tools to help swingers.

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