About us

My wife and I are starting this blog, so we can anonymously share the fantastic experiences we have had since entering the lifestyle as well as some of thoughts and opinions.  We are a couple in our mid-thirties who have officially been in the lifestyle for about seven months, and have been blown away with our experiences.  We have been so pleasantly surprised by how clean, attractive, normal, and relatively young most of the couples we have met are.

We use the term “lifestyle” very loosely.  Unlike most people’s ideas of what swinging is all about, we have learned it is really very different from that.  Although there are plenty of couples out there that go to large house parties with somewhat of a “free for all” environment, most are extremely discrete couples who love to party at bars and clubs together in an extremely erotic environment.  Sometimes there may be enough chemistry for the couples to take it a step further with some light or “soft” play, and sometimes there are fireworks and the night may end with two couples enjoying each other to the fullest.  The key in all our activities is that we set out to have a great time with friends and then we just see where the night ends up.  Let’s put it this way, we always enjoyed hot tubbing and partying with our friends, often with some nudity showing up by the end of the night, long before we started swinging.  We really don’t party any different than we used to, we just don’t stop at the same place we use to pack up and go home.  We know there are so many couples out there in the “vanilla” world who feel the same way because we have seen many of them naked! 

I just wanted to give an introduction to what the purpose of this site is and hopefully get some couples who are on the fence about the “lifestyle” to at least discuss it.  It has been an awesome adventure for my wife and I over the last year.  There hopefully will be many more posts to come to help you get a better idea of the lifestyle.  We are also hoping to convince some other couples who are active in the lifestyle to become regular contributors on the blog to give our readers a broader view of the what all is out there.