A Pool Party Leads To A Couple’s First Full Swap Experience

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Hi, my name is Kelly, and I want to tell you about our first full swap experience.   We had been dabbling in the swinging lifestyle for about a year, with only girl-girl or soft swap experiences.   It seemed like we just hadn’t met a couple with whom we were prepared to take that big step.   Just few weeks earlier, we joined a new swinger dating website and met many local couples.   We were amazed at how many hot couples we met, and we were anxious to turn those meetings into full swap experiences.

It was 5:00pm on Saturday, and I had just finished giving directions to the final couple invited over to our last minute pool party.

I was standing in the kitchen, wearing a wicked weasel thong bikini that barely covered my 5’7”, 120-pound body.   My 34DD’s strained the fabric of bikini top, threatening to pop out as I leaned over the sink to gaze out the kitchen window at Gibson.   My sexy husband was putting the final touches on the pool and yard for tonight’s event.   He looked so sexy in his board shirts and tank top.   Gibson stands 5’9” and weighs 160.   He stays in shape, and most people think he looks much younger than 35, especially since I am only 28.   Gibson couldn’t see me watching through the window, but I think he knew I was because he looked toward the house as we pulled off his shorts and shirt for a refreshing naked swim before coming in side.   Even though we have been together for over 2 years, I still gasp in excitement when I catch a glimpse of his Prince Albert piercing and sexy pierced nipples.

After Gibson jumped in and swam a couple laps, he stepped out of the pool with that confident swagger that I love about him.   Toweling himself off as he walked in through the patio doors, Gibson flashed a sly smile when he looked over at me in the kitchen to find me rubbing my clit through my bikini bottoms.

“Kelly, were you watching me through the window?   You know how turned on I get when I know that I made you wet thinking about me.”

I was biting my lower lip and looking at him with seductive eyes as he stepped toward me.

Gibson’s cock immediately began to grow as I walked toward him meeting him half way.   I leaned up against him, pushing my huge tits into his chest, gave him a deep, wet kiss as I stroked his cock a couple times.   I pulled away slightly, and looked my husband in the eyes with my best teasing smile.   “Honey, get dressed for an early dinner, so we have plenty of time to put snacks out before our guests arrive at 8:00pm.”   Gibson reluctantly put his shorts back on, but he understood.   We both wanted to be fresh and ready for what we hoped would be our first full swap tonight.

Over dinner, Gibson and I reviewed the guest list.   Three couples were coming over to join us.   Carlos and Danielle were the first couple we had invited.   We had two soft swap experiences with them, and thought they were good candidates for our first swap.    John and Jessica were second on the list.   We also had a soft swap experience with them, but Gibson was undecided on a full swap with them.   John and Jessica both smoked at lot when they drank, and Gibson commented that even the hottest woman could turn him off with smoker’s breath.   The final invitees were a sexy, black couple we had met the week before at “meet & greet” sponsored by the swinger website.   Tyrone was an ex-marine, and he was built solid, standing at about 6’2” with a muscular v-shaped build.   His wife, Sara, was a 5’5” fitness model with an amazing ass!

“I don’t know about you Kelly, but I have my eye on Sara!   When you two kissed at the event last weekend, it was electric.   That kiss was so sensual… it seemed like you two had known each other for a long time.”

“Really, Gibby?   That’s great because I was hoping to make out with her more!   Not to mention, I think it would be hot to have our first full swap experience to also be our first interracial experience together!”

All three couples arrived before 8:30pm, and we were all enjoying drinks around the makeshift bar we setup in the kitchen.

Everyone seemed to be getting along well, and the small talk was gradually getting sexier and flirtatious.   After about an hour, I decided it was time to get everyone into the pool.   I casually excused myself to go up stairs.   I kicked off my skirt, tank top, bra, and sandals… I wasn’t wearing panties.   I pinned up my long, wavy blonde hair, strapped on my 6” platform stilettos, and checked myself in the mirror.   I knew I looked hot, and I couldn’t wait any longer to kick the party into full gear.


As I slowly came down the stairs wearing only the stripper heals, everyone’s head turned to me and a hush fell over the group.   Tyrone was the first to break the silence, telling me I looked absolutely delicious.   I reached the bottom of the stairs and kept walking toward the patio doors. “Tyrone, if you want to find out how delicious I taste, you’ll have to come and get me.”   I flashed my best seductive smile to the group and walked out to the pool.

The others didn’t need more encouragement to follow me outside.   As I stepped out of my shoes and into the pool, I turned to see Gibson and all three couples quickly removing their clothes and tossing them on the patio table.   Within minutes, all eight of us were naked in the pool, with only the pool light and Tiki torches around the pool lighting up the scene.


Carlos and Danielle quickly paired off with John and Jessica.   They had known each other longer than us, and there was an obvious sexual connection I sensed between them earlier.   That didn’t matter to me, because Gibson and I had our sights set on Tyrone and Sara.   Tyrone swam over to me, and pulled me close.   I wrapped my arms and legs around him, and we kissed passionately for several minutes with Tyrone caressing my tits and ass.


I pulled away from his lips to sneak a peek at Gibson and Sara.   Gibson was sitting on the first step of the pool, leaning back on the pool edge.   Sara was 
laying across the bottom two steps between his legs.   Sara was playing with Gibson’s balls and licking his shaft.   She seemed to be playing with Gibson’s Prince Albert jewelry with her tongue.    Tyrone sensed that I was enjoying the show that Sara was putting on, so he floated me to the side of the pool and effortlessly sat me on the edge.   He lowered his mouth to my hairless pussy to get that taste he followed me to the pool to get.   I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled his face in tight.    I could tell I tasted as good to him as he had thought I would.   It was incredibly hot to have this sexy, black man licking my pussy while I watched his hot wife go down on Gibson.

She seemed to have no problem deep throating his pierced cock.


After several minutes, Gibson and Sara switched positions so he could return the oral favor, but Sara had to strain to keep her pussy out of the water from her position on the first step.   Gibson pulled her close and walked her through the water slowly toward the pool grotto while engaged in a passionate kiss.    The last few feet to the grotto required them to break their kiss to swim under the waterfall into the grotto.   On the other side, I could see them, slightly obscured by the veil of water falling in front of them.   Gibson lifted Sara up on the shelf edge in the grotto used to hold drinks and returned to licking her pussy.   It looked like he was fingering her and sucking on her clit at the same time.   Judging by the way Sara kept throwing her head back while she pushed his head into her mound, Gibson was doing a great job of pleasuring her.


While I was enjoying the show, it was time to give my attention to Tyrone.   I told him to sit up on the edge the pool, and I eased myself back into the water between his legs.   I quickly took a peek at the other two couples on the opposite side of the pool.   They had moved beyond the oral fun, and both men were fucking the other’s wife as they lounged next to each other on the bench built into the deep end of the pool.   I turned back to see if Tyrone was ready… wow!   His cock was huge!   I had seen it as he got into the pool earlier, and I had felt it against me in the pool, but that did not compare to how it looked directly in front of my face.   I wasted no time getting my mouth around the engorged head of this beautiful, black cock!   Leaning against Tyrone’s thighs and the side of the pool, I worked his cock and balls with my hands, stroking his shaft with the lubrication from my saliva.   I was making loud slurping noises and straining to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, but I was careful not to go too far…   I wanted him to last long enough to bury his cock into my pussy.


I shifted to my right while sucking off Tyrone so I could get a glimpse of Gibson and Sara off to the side in the grotto.

Gibson lifted Sara off the shelf and kissed her passionately.   She seemed to enjoy the taste of her own pussy on his lips.   Gibson was sitting on the bench in the grotto with the water up to his chest.   I watched through the waterfall, as Sara slowly lowered her pussy onto Gibson’s cock.   They were in a sitting position with Sara riding him and wrapping her legs around his back.   We seldom used this position together, as it isn’t that pleasurable for me.   However, Gibson had told me that women he had been with before we were together had commented on how his piercing gives them a lot of pleasure in that position.   The way Sara was bouncing up and down on him in the water, splashing water all over the grotto… Gibson had been telling the truth.   His piercing seems to have been hitting her G-spot just right, and she was now screaming and moaning in pleasure.   I continued to suck on Tyrone’s cock as we both watched Gibson and Sara in action.   Sara was moaning even louder now, and just as she announced that she was cumming, I could see that familiar look on Gibson’s face as he came at the same time deep inside her.    They kissed passionately as they calmed down from the climax, and it was then that I noticed the other two couples had been watching them as well.   We all broke out in a round of applause for them, which managed to make them blush.


I slid back into the water and tugged at Tyrone to follow me.   Tyrone and I swam together toward the grotto, sharing wide smiles with Gibson and Sara as we passed on their way out of the grotto.    They swam to the shallow end to get drinks.    Gibson and Sara, with drinks in hand, made themselves comfortable in the warm water on the pool steps.   Sara was idly fondling Gibson’s cock back to life, and they were both watching Tyrone and I in the grotto.   I was so ready to be fucked by Tyrone’s big cock, and I know that Gibson was ready to see another man fuck me for the first time.


Once in the grotto, I quickly got into a doggie style position leaning over the drink shelf.

Tyrone was able to get on one knee and position his cock next to my dripping pussy.   I looked back at him over my shoulder at Tyron.   “I want your cock in me now! Fuck me!”   Tyrone needed no further encouragement.    He pushed into me slowly.   I could feel my pussy stretching to take in his bulbous cock head.   My pussy let out a slight pop as his head pushed inside me.   Tyrone held his cock head still, teasing me.   Slowly he began to push in and then out, taking his cock almost completely out of my pussy each time.   He continued this slow penetration for a couple minutes, and it was driving me crazy.   I started bucking back against him to better control the pace, but Tyrone wasn’t going to relinquish control to me.


He reached up and grabbed a handful of my pinned up hair, pulling his cock nearly out of my pussy.   Then with one massive thrust, he plunged all the way into me!   I gasped in the combined pain and pleasure!   My moans grew louder as Tyrone picked up the pace.   He was pounding into me with each thrust, slamming his huge, black balls against my clit just about the water line.   “Harder! Harder! Fuck me!” I screamed.   There was no more pain, just pure pleasure.   I was in ecstasy!    Tyrone kept up the pace and announced that he was going to cum.   I squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles as he slammed into me one last time.   I could feel his hot blast of cum filling my pussy as I came at the same time.   There was so much, it was oozing out of me and dripping into the pool.


Tyrone slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy as he softened.   I looked down under me to see more cum oozing out of me, and down my thighs into the pool.   I turned toward him and kissed him passionately to thanking for the incredible fucking he just gave me.   Then I led him out of the grotto toward Gibson and Sara.   The other couples were swimming toward them as well.   Before I could reach Gibson, Danielle swam up and put her mouth on his cock.   She wasted no time getting familiar with his piercing, and Carlos wasted no time fondling Sara and kissing her passionately.   It looked like I was going to have to share Gibson some more that night, but I didn’t

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