A Look Into The Lives Of Swingers

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An interview was conducted on real life swinger couples that gave insight into the life of swingers.

People have a lot of misconception about the life of swingers. A lot of them think that couples that is not able to satisfy each other sexually often get into this kind of lifestyle. This is absolutely a myth and the fact of the matter is that couples that participate in swinging activities share much stronger bonds than monogamous couples.

Apparently, couples that openly swap partners to fulfill their need for a passionate night are increasing at a rapid rate. The trend of swinging is becoming quite popular, recognized as a sort of new “sexual relationship” revolution. Those who swing, openly claim that monogamous couples are missing out some real fun in their marriage life.

Forget the notion that swinging culture is restricted to middle-aged couples that are bored from their marriage after spending a decade with each other. Behind the closed doors of swinger parties, you will find many attractive and young couples swapping partners just to add some fun in their intimate life. Irony is that these couples are totally happy with each other and do not find anything wrong with the swinging. They are just looking for some raw fun.

“We enjoy sex with each other more than we do here,” says 23 years old Sara from Eatontown, N.J, who was at the swingers party with her boyfriend. She adds, “we have pretty amazing sex at home and coming here is all about exploring physical attraction and not emotional”. Sara and her boyfriend Michael have been in a committed relationship for over a year now and do not mind going for “full swaps”, but refuse to kiss their alternative partners.

According to Michael, “sex is more mechanical, while kissing is intimate and we would like to keep it exclusive for us”.

National surveys also suggest that more than 60 percent of marriages end up cause of cheating and infidelity. Involve cheating. One recent study showed that in the last two decades, the number of unfaithful partners under the age of 30 increased by 35 percent.

Interestingly, every swinger believes that they have a solution to this problem. They claim to share much stronger and adventurous bond with their partner in comparison to couples who do not swap.

“People that are of a certain degree of attractiveness are probably looking to interact and swap partners with other people that are a certain degree of attractiveness so they are a good-looking person,” said Nicole Cray, a self-described swing school instructor for Behind Closed Doors. “If you’re not a good-looking person, it’s probably not the right party for you.”

Kate and Robert from Edgewater, N.J., are in their 30s and have been living together from last three years. She is a realtor and Robert is a radio jockey. They like to engage into “soft swapping” with strangers and their idea of swinging is to add some intimate fun in their lives, apart from regular kinky stuff. Kate says, “We do not engage in penetration and prefer to try things that are under our comfort level”.

The best way to describe swinging is to date strange couples. Swinging is something couples can do together, without worrying about cheating and infidelity. In short, it eliminates the risk of divorces due to

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