7 Games Potential Swingers Need To Know

Many of the Lifestyle curious out there in the real world are very interesed to know in what kind of kinky fun and games we swingers play.

Not to disappoint, but most often there is not some crazy key party or twister board to start the evening.  The majority of the time there is just two couples enjoying each others company in a very heated environment such as a club or party, who decide to take the action further into a swap situaion.

Of course the title of this post is, “The Games Swingers Play” so we are going to focus on those times when swingers do get a little crazy and play some pretty damn sexy games.  Here are some of the sexy party “icebreaker” games we have seen or heard about as well as a couple that we have not heard about but just sound fun.

1.)  Key Party

This is the one most discussed and heard about in the vanilla world thanks to its being popularized by Hollywood and the porn industry.  In a Key part, all of the couples present toss their car keys into a large bowl.  Then the ladies each take a turn pulling a set of keys out of the bowl while being blindfolded.  After all the keys are drawn the ladies search out the male owner of newlyfound key ring and pair off with him for sexual play.

We had some good friends who threw a key party that unfortunately we were unable to attend.  In this case, as with most instances of key parties, all the couples involved already knew each other limiting the overall debauchery of this concept.  Although, I am sure there are some large completely anonymous shindigs out there in swingerland somewhere.

A good version of this game for newbies in the lifestlye or as an icebreaker at a house party or even wild vanilla event is Key Party Lite.  In this scenario instead of sex have some other flirtational fun be exchanged between the partners.  Some examples could be kissing, body massages, lap dances, or taking some aritcles of each others clothes off.  It can be made to be as risquee as the environment allows.

2.)  Naked Twister

We were on a lifestlye cruse last summer where some of the attendees got together in one of the cabins and played naked twister.  We passed at the time, due to the fact we were extremely new to the lifestyle and did not know any of the couples.  I think we would be more open now!  Of course some more g-rated versions of this could be played as well.  Bikini and swimsuit twister sounds like not such a bad alterantive.

3.)  Strip Poker

This is actaully much more common in the vanilla world than in the lifestyle, for the simple fact most swingers do not want to take that much time to get their clothes off.  Mrs. G and I love playing strip poker with several of our vanilla friends.  As a matter of fact, it was those strip poker games and some hot tub experiences that started us down our “swinging” path.

4.)  Spin the Bottle

Yes it is reminiscent of high school, but I had a hard on every time I palyed it back then and the ladies were a lot more prudish.  Obviously in a lifestlye situation the dares are usually always accepted and a lot more risquee then kissing in a closet for 15 seconds.

5.)  Whose Penis/Ass/Tit/Pussy is that anyway

This is a game we have heard of where wives are blindfolded and have to guess which penis is their husbands.  For a more intense version make them guess using only their mouth.  Of course the inverse of this game is the husbands identifying breasts, ass, or pussy.

7.)  Commerical Games

There are also some commercial games out there which help put swingers into some sexy situations.  Swingercast featured an audio recording of John and Allie involved in a game they had bought in one of their podcasts.  It was incredibly hot, and makes me think at one point Mrs. G and I may have to try this one! (We are hoping they are bringing those games to Swingfest in July!!!) Here are some examples of games available at Red Passion.

That is all the games that are coming to me right now, but I am sure there are many many more.  Let us know some of the games you have seen or heard of.

So go get naked and have some fun!!!

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