5 Most Over-Used Swingers Party Themes

In addition to having sex, another thing swingers like to do way more than the average person is “dress up.” In the swinging community, costume parties are not just reserved for Halloween. If you visit any local swingers club at any random time of the year, chances are, you will find the audience there participating in some kind of a theme.

Due to the frequency of these theme parties, it seems that many swingers party promoters are running out of ideas and some themes seems to get replayed over and over again. Maybe the hosts of these parties are getting lazy or maybe it’s because these ideas work better than the others. Whatever it is, we still see these themes as “overused”. Here is the list of the 10 most overused swingers party themes.


1. Naughty Schoolgirl

The teacher, schoolgirl fantasy remains one of the most popular fantasies amongst swingers and non-swingers, and it is as sexy today as it was ten years ago. However, this does not mean every other weekend at the club has to be “Naughty Schoolgirls Night.” The ladies look superhot in their little schoolgirl mini-skirts, but we would love it even more if we were given a chance to miss it.

2. Playboy Bunny

Hue Hefner sure did a great job of making the playboy bunny the global symbol of sexy. Eight out of every ten female has fantasized about being a playmate, and the local swingers club has wasted no time in milking that fantasy for everything it’s worth. The ladies will never so no to getting to live out their fantasy of being a playmate, and the local swingers club do a good job of making sure they get plenty of opportunities to do so.


3. Masquerade

There is something really sexy about being incognito, and that’s what masquerade parties are all about. If you Google “swingers parties” in addition to the very graphic orgy images, the second most popular result under Google images would be people in masks. Personally I am not a big fan of the masquerade parties. Wearing a mask all night is very uncomfortable and I also much prefer to see the full facial features of the people I may or may not want to hookup with.


4. Pimps and Ho’s

If there is any of the themes on this list that I could do without not seeing again for the rest of my life it is this one. Overused, cliché’, unsexy are the only words I have to describe the “Pimps and Hoes” theme night.


5. Lingerie

Lingerie is not as bad as the others. Unlike most of the theme nights on this list, there are several twists you can add to lingerie theme parties to keep them interesting. Still it makes this list because it is definitely among the most frequently used.


Swingers like to dress up and party. We appreciate the theme nights and what they represent. The freedom of self expression found in dressing in costumes is what lifestyle couples live for. Still, we would prefer things be kept a little more interesting with a little bit more creativity placed in putting together the themed parties.

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