5 Foods You Should Not Serve At A Swingers Party

The swinging lifestyle community is all about social gatherings. From private house parties, to hotel take-over or a simple meet-n-great at a local pub. Food is normally a main part of any social event. Not only is food a good icebreaker, but also for those who show up early, it’s always nice to have something to nibble on while you wait for the party to get started. However, there are some foods that should not be allowed at some types of parties. Swingers’ get-togethers are all about sexiness, and as much as some foods serve as an aphrodisiac, there are others than can have an extreme opposite effect.

Here are five foods you should never server at your swinger’s party.


1. Garlic Anything

We all love garlic and the way it makes our food rich and flavorful. But let’s face it, bad breath has no place at a party where the main goal is to get laid, and bad breath normally comes along with anything that has garlic. As much as it may seems like a great appetizer, if it has garlic, save it for another occasion.


2. Spicy Foods

Raise your hand if you would like to be the recipient of some “HOT” oral play after the person you are with just finished eating a few Jalapeno Poppers! Nobody? That’s what I thought. We want the party to be spicy, but not that kinda spicy.


3. Deep Fried Foods

When the goal is to get laid, we are also trying not to get fat at the same time because that could be a little counter-productive. Greasy, messy, foods are just not sexy and have no place at a swinger’s party.


4. Beans

Yup, anything with beans, NOT a good idea…. As you know, beans beans are good for the heart, the more you eat the more you…… You finish the rest. It doesn’t rhyme with sexy either. Enough said. Leave the beans off the menu.


5. Fish

There’s something fishy about this party. I’m leaving. If it looks like fish, and smells like fish, scratch it off the guest list.


The truth is, for most people, when they show up to a swingers’ party, they are not expecting a buffet. Keep it light. Cheese and crackers, berries, and other simple snacks will do just fine.

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