10 Clues Your Neighbours Are Swingers!

f you are a new couple looking to get involved in the swinging lifestyle, one of the first questions you might ask is, “Where do I find other swinger couples?” If you do not know where to look, that might be your most challenging task as a newbie. How about in your neighbourhood! You may never know. After all, swinger couples do not exactly walk around with a label on their forehead saying “SWINGERS”, but there might be a few clues you can lookout for that will identify them as such.


Here is my list of top 10 clues that may indicate your neighbours are swingers:

1) All their friends are couples and when talking about them, they reference them by using both the name of the male and the female. So if your        neighbours keep telling you stories of their friends “Bob and Mary” they might be swingers.


2) They regularly attend costume parties, even months away from Halloween.

3) They only go out partying on Friday and Saturday nights and they do it regularly.


4) They have never volunteered the details of the club(s) they attend.


5) The wife wears a coat over her dress when she is leaving the house to go out, even during the summer.


6) When they have parties at their house, all their guests are couples that show up without their kids and some may be carrying what look like overnight   bags.


7) All the couples they hangout with, the wives have had their boobs done.

8) They go on vacations or weekend getaways often and they do not have a lot of pictures to share.


9) They are happier and more youthful than all the other neighbours on your street.


10) Depending on your overall appearance, they may have openly flirted with you once or twice.


If you noticed any 3 or 4 or maybe more of the above listed things, common about your neighbour, I would be willing to bet $100 (I am not rich) that they are swingers. You should probably ask them to invite you over for their next house party.

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